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I'm not sure I agree with you George. I think the fact that the census does ask how many hours you care for, makes all the difference.

We know for example that of the 6 million only 1 million are caring at the 24/7 end (50 hrs+). We know that the majority of carers are doing less than 20 hours a week. So we have quite a sophisticated picture to show to government.

That is a very interesting fact Matt, Would I be correct in assuming that the info above was based on the 2001 census or are other factors taken into account as well Image Image Ignore my previous, one has just read in full your very comprehensive reply above Matt Image
In the sense that we're always on call, yes, but carers and the people they care for get varying levels of support from nothing to substantial and I was referring to those with no support whatsoever when I said 24/7.
Then of course my comment was born of ignorance Image
I know carers who provide a great deal of care for friends and neighbours - people who have no one else to look out for them and - like many families - want nothing to do with social services. Personally I don't think we should ignore them any more than we should ignore children caring for their parents: after all they don't get Carers Allowance, and there are those who would have us believe that because of this they are not carers.

It's not about Carers Allowance or Disability Living Allowance/Attendance Allowance. That's a red herring which actually suits the government because it minimises their problems at a stroke.

It's about who needs additional support to live at home and who provides it. That's where the census comes in.
Iam still not convinced that we will get accurate figures as to the total amount of carers just take Mrs SMITH at number 45 she has many neighbours who look after her they offer her help and support she may have plenty of neighbours helping out but can we honestly claim that they are all carers, for one disabled person we may have half a dozen carers.
i know its tongue in cheek but when the treasury look at the figures of 4,5,6,7, million people who think of themselves as carers the cheque book goes back in the red box.
what help can a neighbour expect from government for his kindness re keeping an eye on a neighbour.

ive said it many times pensioner carers should keep the allowance also children who care even if they are quite young themselves should be given some kind of cash payment all they get as far as i know is the odd day out via some charity also carers who care for more than 1 should get extra cash .