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Celebrity auction for Carers UK - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Celebrity auction for Carers UK

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
I do not see where the media attention will come from if people want to buy the cards they will just bid for them not bother reading the blurb about carers uk so it will not raise peoples awareness at all.
At the bottom of the description for each postcard is some information about Carers UK.

Carers UK (www.carersuk.org) provides direct support to carers through its helpline, CarersLine, as well as through a wide range of publications and its website. For many, CarersLine is a lifeline as callers can have a ‘benefits check’ to make sure they are receiving all the support applicable to their circumstances. In addition to the practical support callers receive, many say they appreciate the opportunity to be able to discuss their situation with someone who understands is a great source of emotional relief.

In addition to this Carers UK actively campaigns for changes in the law to ensure that carers receive the support that they need.
ive just bidded on the matt lucas and david walliams one, ill get outbidded though, im no going any higher than the 3 quid lol
Thank you Matt and Gavin for explaining about this auction. Now I know more about it I most sincerley thank the two ladies who are doing this for us carers to benefit from their kindness, thoughtfullness and support.
Incidentally, for carers who cant join ebay because they cant get a bank account as their only income is CA,or they cant afford a passport , or have utility bills in their own name etc..etc yet would like to bid for a card, does CUk have any means to help them do so?
I Hope nobody minds me asking this question.