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Celebrity auction for Carers UK - Carers UK Forum

Celebrity auction for Carers UK

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
Old fashioned postcards sent by famous people are up for auction on E bay and all proceeds are going to Carers UK. Famous names include Helen Mirren, Stephen Fry, Harry Hill, Graham Norton, Robert Plant and many more.

Bidding ends this Friday and prices start at £3 each.

This follows the publication of a book "Nothing to write home about" which is a collection of old seaside postcards from the 1960's and 70's - again to raise money for Carers UK. I've bought a copy to give as a Xmas present and it is very funny.

Full story here
http://www.carersuk.org/Newsandcampaign ... 1196674038

Ebay postcard auction

Nothing to write home about book
Hi Matt why do you need to sell celibrity post cards, it is liable to cost more to set up and sell that bring revenue in, also if it does actually bring revenue will carers actually se any benifit from it or will it be swallowed up by admin costs, because if carers do not directly benifit from any type of fund raiseing then surely you should be concentrating your efforts into something that will help all carers at grass roots.
Maybe its just another PR raising awareness theme to get us carers accepted by society as charity cases?
I too am wondering what the monies raised will be spent on.
Its a very nice thing to do if somebody wishes to buy one of these postcards but in all honesty, the little money most of us carers have is spent on food and fuel costs and trying to keep our heads above water. Even if I wanted to buy one I cant afford to.
So who is the auction really aimed at?
Obviously, I can’t speak for CUK, but this seems a logical step to take on the back of the publication of “NOTHING TO WRITE HOME ABOUTâ€Â
It strikes me that all Matt was doing was letting us know about it. But there are people from all walks of life who collect postcards (Ronnie Barker had a huge collection at one time), and some may be carers.
Carers can`t afford to collect things we can barely afford to survive, even worse this time of year, which is why we are shouting about, it is not because we want to be rich it is because we can`t afford to live.
...........which is why we are shouting about..........
Sorry, I seem to have missed the point - is the shouting about carers financial situation, or about the fact that someone is donating and auctioning postcards on behalf on CUK as a fund raiser?
explaining the fact that carers can not afford to collect anything we can barely exist, which is why the original question was asked will carers directly benifit from any funds raised. The whole thing is all about carers financial situation.
I do not accept your criticism Tony. This is a fundraising exercise, pure and simple. We are a charity and that is what charities do, to enable us to continue to provide the help and support we give to carers.

You imply that this sort of thing costs more to run than it makes. In actual fact Carers Uk has not had to use any resources to set this up. The book and the subsequent auction have all been done for us by the kindness of 2 women who collected the postcards and put the book together. Their own lives have been touched by caring issues and they very kindly agreed to donate a percentage of the book proceeds and then had the (I think) brilliant idea to do a celebrity postcard auction with 100% of the profits coming to Carers UK.

We hope that their hardwork will raise some much needed funds. As Charles said I was simply letting you all know about it.

Can someone explain to me why there is so much negativity towards this auction? i would have thought that anything that brings the plight of carers lives into the forefront of media attention would be a good thing. Image