Caught red handed and still lying!

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So, sorry guys here's my latest tale of care agency woe.

One day, the carers were even later than usual. Eventually one turned up, and as I watched it on the camera we've installed at my mums, she didn't do much, then left. I phoned the agency, who said BOTH carers claimed to be there. I pointed out I'd seen the whole thing on camera, had it recorded and isn't that fraud. They promised to get the manager to call me back - you won't be surprised to hear it never happened.

Then on the next visit, the carer had a go at ME for dobbing her in, as the agency had shouted at her down the phone, first saying she was stuck in a traffic jam and then contradicting herself by saying she knew mum would be OK with 1 carer as she checked her on her last visit, and she does all this extra stuff for her blah blah blah.

Another day, the carers missed a visit, then turned up 1 hour late for the next visit. And they claimed they'd both been there for the non visit!!! They have developed the habit of turning off the camera and trying to tell my mum it's for her hoist - she isn't stupid. They know they're being watched and try to get round this by effectively destroying evidence. I would not be surprised if it was the same carers again, who had colluded in the above incident.

What sort of disgraceful excuses for human beings try to defraud an old lady like that? And how stupid, trying it again. With the videos I've have, I'm seriously thinking of calling the police in - these agencies disgust me, covering this up. So angry!!!!

And these incompetent idiots in social services wonder why I keep on raising issues.
I feel so sorry for you Lars and this shouldn't be happening.

My friends late Dad had bad Alzheimer's but lived alone in a flat where a warden popped in from time to time. He had carers going in twice a day and they literally pinched anything that wasn't nailed down. She was on the verge of having cameras installed but the warden told her she wasn't allowed to do that.

As she lives a few hundred miles away She used to go up every 2 weeks and stock up his cupboard with tinned foods, tinned fruit etc as he just let fresh food decay. They even pinched a cupboardful of tinned food on several occasions. They had time to pinch from him but not to make sure he had clean clothes on or that the contents of his fridge weren't rotten. MAkes me so mad!!
You need to tell the Care Quality Commission, if they are doing this when you are complaining, just imagine what they are doing where no relative is involved! CQC dealt with a problem my mum, and others , had with a care company very well.