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Catheter Care

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Sorry, this is a bit late, and wifey and others have given such great answers, but I've found whenever something like this comes up, my first port of call is - Youtube. No, really. It's not all annoying cats and Russian dash-cams. My wife had was in hospital a couple of years ago, and came quite weak with a PEG tube feeder. well, the hospital sent loads of bumf, but assumed that, for instance, I instinctively knew how to give a bed-bath. Then a Community Nurse took me aside and told me "Look on Youtube" - it's where student nurses and HCA's go all the time." And it was all there: bed-baths, PEG site care. So is catheter care - see if it's any good for you.
This thread has led me to investigate more. I never knew about "one-use" night bags, for example. Last night I did some further research and found that the weekly bag which mum has is supposed to be cleaned with disinfectant or bleach, the end is supposed to be wiped with a sterile wipe before attachment. Mum's is disconnected and chucked in a bucket in the bathroom. I bought her one of those automatic air fresheners last year because the house was beginning to smell of stale urine!!!! I think I'll suggest that she changes over to the "one day only" type as clearly the care staff are incapable of doing things properly.
The things we learn from talking to each other never ceases to amaze me.
Hello Bowlingbun - To tell you the truth I was horrified to hear of reusing night bag, washing it out and disinfecting etc.

I am new to all this catheter stuff as I had to learn when hubby came home from hospital three months ago so I assumed that what I am doing was the norm. I use toilet paper with a spray-on disinfectant to wipe the tube any time I empty the leg bag or attach/detach the night bag to keep things fresh but sterile wipe seems a good idea.

The night bag we use is called EasiMT - capacity 2 litres. Supplied on prescription

As No1mum said, you're never sure what we will be discussing next. Image
Thank you for replies, really grateful Image , I have phoned Gp & its arranged D/N will visit today ,he had blood in urine on Saturday , got him to drink more water & at least they will check it out , such a worry when u dont know what your doing , once again thank you, Juneo

Good luck Juneo i hope it all goes well Image