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Blood tests and injections in general

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Hi everyone,
It's been a while since I was last on here but at the moment mum is having real problems being still when a nurse comes to take her blood.

I can hold her still but she will try to bite me, she has dementia and apart from this we get on really well and these injections, pain etc are affecting her trust of me.

I just wondered if there is any other way to test for the things that she has these injections for... warfarin blood thickness and cholesterol are two I can think of.

She gets so upset and I get upset seeing her upset.

It doesn't help that we get told of the date when these are to be done and they turn up on other days so even a sedative ahead of time wouldn't really help and it's not something I would like to start doing as I only give her a sedative if she's agitated before bedtime to help her sleep.

Any ideas ?

Scruffy x
I'd tell the nurse that you holding her is affecting the trust between you and in future you'll be leaving the nurse to do it. If it means that 2 have to come, then so be it, your relationship is much more important.
My friend had this problem with her dad. They made arrangements for the nurses to come out that specialise in getting blood from children. They had more coping tactics and distractions. Not saying would work in this case but mentioning it anyways

x x
is there anything that might distract Mum for the short time it takes the nurse to take blood ? maybe a TV programme or some music ?

I like Rosemary's idea of asking for the nurses that work with children - they're used to 'difficult' patients !
Thank you everyone,
I phoned the surgery at the same time as posting on here and I also checked online.
I was told by the surgery that it is possible to take blood from a finger rather than a vein, the way blood sugar tests are done but they have to be done at the surgery.
So for what would appear to be a simpler test it can't be done at home.

I told them the problems we were having and they said they'd get back to me. That must be two days ago now and I've heard nothing.

I know they have problems with their organisation as there are nurses taking blood who have previously been out to us as district nurses. The phlebotomist retired a few weeks back and it looks like they are trying to cover for her and not doing a very efficient job.

I have tried distracting her while holding her. I've asked her to tell me what's going on on the telly or to explain how to boil the kettle, doesn't matter if it makes no sense as long as I can get a conversation flowing.

I have a multitude of tricks but she's no fool despite the dementia and knows what's going on. It reminds me of the way animals know what is associated with going to the vet.

I found kits online for both the INR coagulation test and for the cholesterol test.
They've known mum is not coping well with these injections so it was a bit much to expect her to cope with two of them in one sitting.

The INR kit is expensive but if it will save mum hassle I'd get one. I don't know if they'd accept me doing them but it's been my experience so far that anything asked for ahead of time always gets refused. So I don't know whether to go ahead but before I do I think I'll write to her GP as she has been brilliant in the past and I feel sure she won't know what a fiasco the nurses are creating with the phlebotomy service.

Scruffy x