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Does anyone have any information on this? Hubby was informed by the optician today that he should have his cataracts (removed, is it?) he has them in both eyes but they are not too bad. The optician said it was his choice, but they would get the doctor to sort out an appt. Needless to say, he is not too impressed with the idea. Do they do that under local anaesthetic? does that involve a needle? (he has a phobia, which can be somewhat restricting) is it done with laser? does it hurt? Any information gratefully received.
Thanks, Phoebe.
Hi Phoebe,

I know two people who have had cataract operations. They had it done under local anaethestic. One had it done by injection the other with eye numbing eye drops. They had to have regular eye drops through out the day for a week or two after the op, but it was really worth it. They were amazed at the results - they knew their sight was deteriorating but as it had happened gradually, they hadn't realised how much - until after the op.

I think you should convince him to go even if it is just to find out about it. At the appointment he/you can discuss his concerns.

Without the operation his sight will continue to deteriorate, it may be a case of waiting until he feels his sight is bad enough that he is prepared to go through with it.

my mum had it done last year and was fine. No pain whatsoever. Not quite sure how they do it, but mum said you cant actually see anything while there doing the op. She has been delighted with the results too. Image
Thank you so much everyone, that was very useful, and thank you for the links. Hubby feeling a lot more positive about it now, and I think has decided to go ahead. His left eye is the worst, and he finds it difficult to focus so am glad he has agreed to it.
Thank you again,
Phoebe x
My Dad had both his eyes done three months apart when he was about 90. The results are amazing.

Hope hubby decides to go ahead.xx
Thank you poppet, I think he has decided to go ahead with it. His eyes aren't too bad, but have deteriated in the past months, but he didn't want to admit it.
Phoebe x
Lots of hospitals have policies to only remove the cataract when the vision goes down to a certain level. Do go ahead and get the eye doctors opinion, but if his sight is not too bad be aware that he may not be offered an op yet.
it is hard for me to work out how bad his sight is, because his standard reply to these sort of things are, "it's not too bad", which could mean anything from "ok" to "can't see a damned thing" !!!! Image His left eye is worse, and he is struggling to read his puzzle books and see the football scores on telly. Our optician has referred him to the doctor, he is waiting for his appt, and has agreed to see the doc, so we shall see what he has to say.
Phoebe x