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Carrers allowance number - Carers UK Forum

Carrers allowance number

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Does anyone know the local Carrers allowance number as I need it ASAP.
I only have the 0845 608 4321 and I can't afford to ring it.
if anyone does could they please put it on here for me.
Thank you
Sorry, can't help I'm afraid. I'm on a Sky phone package, and really object to BT customers having these numbers free, but not me. Didn't realise when I signed up, so all I can do is sympathise with your predicament.
Yes that's what we are on and it's not free costs a fortune. I need to ring them tomorrow as well.
You can always ask them to ring you back as soon as you get through, they are usually quite happy to do this. I know you'll still have the connection charge, but it will save you a bit of money.
According to http://www.saynoto0870.com/numbersearch.php, the number for Carers Allowance is 0800 882200 which is a Freephone number.

Can but give it a try as not all SayNo numbers work correctly.
Thank you for your mails,
The 0800 number is a benefits helpline number not Carrers allowance.
If I ring the 0845 number like all benefit number it takes ages to get through to someone.
So not sure what to do.
Thanks again
This is the email for the Carers Allowance Unit

You could contact them explaining your circumstances re phone charges and ask if they will call you.

Local job centres have free direct line numbers to use from their phones, but I have no idea if Carers Allowance is one of them

edit - I just rang them, took less than a minute to go through process and speak to someone. The 0845 number is the only one they use but like others have said above they will ring you back.

The email is for general enquiries but can be used in the way I said, as a way of asking them to phone you.

Thanks everyone for all your help, I did get through eventually and got a call back.
Still don't understand why they have to use a 0845 number for benefits,think it should be free.
Our local radio station have just changed from 0845 to 0835, apparently it's much cheaper for non BT customers. Hopefully DWP will do the same eventually.
alot of phone companies do 0845 numbers free now. possiable depending on package