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Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
Hi All,

Caring with Confidence has just started group study sessions near me. As I am quite isolated, new to the area, new to caring, new to the Benefits System###****, going slowly braindead due to giving up work; I thought I would give the sessions a go.

I was wondering if anybody has any experience of these sessions and whether you feel they are beneficial to someone who cares 24/7. I suppose I'm looking, not only, for practical help and advice about caring but also, for some human contact and social interaction other than with my caree (my wife). I am lucky in that SS will arrange for someone to sit with my wife for the 3 hr duration of each module as long as they are spaced apart.

I have just requested a place on the introductory "Finding Your Way" session on 4th August. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,
They dont have anything like that near here would be interesting to see how it goes. And yes going braindead and not seeing people is one of the probs of being a carer
Hi peteraf,

I've just received e-mail confirmation of my place on the course on 4th Aug. I'll post some feedback on here once I've been.

Hi Nyk. I have put my name down for a course in Glos - I'm doing it to make contact with other carers as much as anything. I am a bit sceptical, to be honest, but my approach is that I might be pleasantly surprised. Will be v. interested to hear how you get on. (Ours will run at some point but don't know when yet!)

Our local carers org (Carers Gloucestershire) says they are going to put on another course - to help carers who want to go back to work/prepare for work. This is just what I am looking for - anyone in Glos looking to get back to work might want to contact Carers Gloucestershire about this (or pm me and I'll put you in touch).

Help for carers wanting to work? It's like discovering gold in the current muddled up system!
I attended the first one in Wales (Expert carers prgaramme, which is based on similiar issues). I really enjoyed it. I was with a great crowd of people, variety of Carers, and only one person dropped out over the eight weeks. We had lovely people presenting the programme, and it was great to vent our feelings with other locals who felt the same.

My husband attended a similiar programme ,Expert Patients, but he did not feel he benefitted much from it. I think perhaps a lot depends on how personalities balance each other out. I would do it again, if offered, if only for the support and friendship.
Our carers centre was involved with the pilot programmes and is currently delivering the programme in Leicestershire. I guess you'd expect me to say this but the response from the carers who come along is very positive. So far the feedback is scarily good!

Carers are picking up useful tips from each other and getting to meet other carers - people who really know what it's like. I don't know about other areas but we'll be using the feedback sessions to find out more about what would help those carers - on top of the obvious issues of money and respite.

If you get the chance, do give it a try.
I live in Hampshire too but I never heard about it Image

I found the link here:

I will speak to my local Carers Support Service and find out more.
It seems interesting...
Thanks all,

some positive feedback there. I'll keep you posted how the first session goes and whether I found it beneficial for my situation.

Take care,