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Hi, i have just applied to care for my mum who is on pip. I live in somerset she lives in Portsmouth, I will be commuting backwards and forwards to help out with her care needs. Will this be an issue with the claim as because Im not living in the same area that could go against me. I do plan to move to Portsmouth in the near future to help out even more but have a son who I see every weekend back in somerset. Any info on this matter would be appreciated and thanks for reading.
The important issue with CA is that you care, or are available to care, for at least 35 hours a week. Can I ask whether you own your property in Somerset, and whether mum owns her home? There are a whole range of issues around housing which might affect you, depending on your own situation.
Has mum had a Needs Assessment? Are you aware that you might be eligible to receive "Direct Payments"?
What is the nature of mum's disability?
There have been a number of people joining the forum recently who are doing long distance caring. It's easy to fall into the trap of wanting to help mum/dad, but ultimately sacrificing your own life completely. Especially where a parent is elderly and getting more and more frail as the years go by. Be sure to have a "back up plan" and if at all possible make sure mum always has some care from another person, even if it's just for the worst housework, so you don't become completely trapped.
We both live in council properties, she has been registered visually impaired, has broken her hip and arthritis. She is also a carer for my Nan who has dementia, My sister and mums partner also live with her but my sister works as a carer for a company. Mums partner has cancer and is also on pip but scored lower then my Mum. I have been down recently helping out with cooking, cleaning and even getting her dressed as she can't do it comfortably also been taking her shopping as well as checking medication. Thanks for the response :D
So mum, her partner AND Nan all need caring?!? Where is Nan living? If mum and partner are on PIP would it be right to assume they are both under 65? I'm really concerned that even with your sister there sometimes, that's too much without outside help, so you won't get much time off, and then face a two hour or more journey to Somerset (I'm in the New Forest so know the rough routes there).
Make sure they each have a Needs Assessment from Social Services, and then once you have seen and agreed the completed assessment, work out what help you can introduce. Do they have a dishwasher, and tumble dryer, for example. Has mum's partner sorted out his affairs and signed a Power of Attorney? It's always better to sort these out well in advance, especially as they now need to be registered before they can be used.