Thanks for this thread everyone I really needed to know today that it isn't just me! I am so down at the moment and when I was woken up from the little sleep I do get at 4am this morning because my daughter need toileting AGAIN! I lay in bed afterwards, unable to get back to sleep wondering if living this life is even worth it anymore.

I have been caring 24/7 for six months now and I have had enough, I used to have a life but now I don't I just have caring with no help apart from a couple of days each month respite. My Daughter is 19 she has various disabilities including autism, I have been trying to get her a day centre placement, one has already fallen through as Jade is prone to lashing out if she doesn't get her own way and after eight days the placement wouldn't have her back. I am having to rely on someone from our councils community placement team to try and find another place but she just does not seem to be particularly bothered, I phoned her again for about the sixth time this month and as usual spoke to her voicemail and asked her to get back to me, she hasn't so far.

I don't know what to do, I don't want to be this mess of a person, crying and deppressed all the time, I feel like running away and never looking back.