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Caring for females

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Do you all realise, all of you guys who care for your female beloveds? that if you were an Agency worker, you wouldn't be allowed to do this? Male care workers can look after male clients, but are not allowed to look after female clients. Female care workers can look after anybody.
Imagine that! Thank goodness it doesn't apply to us lot.
really? now thats interesting..............hmmmm do we have a legal case here for some of the jobs that come our way, if not, we should have
Hmmmm, yea, I didn't know that either! Image
to women can go in and get a man washed dressed and ready for bed, but 2 men cant go in to a womans house and do that

We used to have to double up and go with Tom as he wasnt allowed on his own. but i think that was to protect him as mucha s them s some of them biddies where a tad one tracked minded! lol
Not quite true Fran, certainly not in this end of the world. Our care agency keeps trying to employ men and keeps trying to send them to Mum. She has to have double ups and the agency says the male care worker is there to do the manual handling whilst the female does all the personal care. This is sort of OK (can still be very embarrassing for her though) until she gets a competent male care worker visiting with a female on her first day at the job (this has happened) which has meant that the male care worker has had to do all the personal things as well as the manual handling as the girl had no idea what to do. Mum now refuses point blank to have a male care worker anywhere near her - it's just too difficult/personal/embarrassing for her to deal with. The care agency says they have to employ males- it's the equal rights thing. We say - What about the rights of their female clients.
I also have a male cousin who was a care worker with Cornwall County Council until very recently, he said that on occasion he had to cover nights in a female ward in a council run care home all on his own, which meant he often had to do very personal things for the ladies. He's given it up now as he wasn't comfortable with it which is a shame as he is a very caring person and loved his job - when he was caring for just men. I admit I am not a very PC person and get very angry when PC gets in the way of doing the right thing, so I'll stop here otherwise I'll rant on for a week!!!!!
When i worked for care watch i was allowed to clean up a man ,, yet poor tom couldnt clean a woman,

yet it dont always work out and he isnt allowed wot soever to touch a female .

I think differnt care agnecies have different ploicies..

Me, i hope im a randy old biddie and get some fit young man in Image