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[Hello I am a carer & have a very close friend who helps out when ever she can as my Husband is very ill with cancer & we both have osteoarthritis. Twice a day we have another carers agency into help us.But sadly i get the impression that my Husband is simply another number.Then the same old jargon goes into the book twice a day.EG Walks well on Frame,Frame within reach Wife does meds,Wife does food.And with this up they get and that's onto the next client.Hos very very sad this country is coming too.The social services & carers agencies simply don't care about other people e.g. Me as I too suffer with my own health issues.Does anyone else feel like this.Ok My Hubby has a care package but surely what effect is my Hubbys illness doing to me?As for trying to have a friendship with a carer this is not allowed.What a sad world.As my Husband s registered carer I also am suffering too in this torture regards Amanda h
Amanda, sadlly, overworked and underpaid care-work professionas are just too stressed to do anything more than the minimum. 'W'e' as in, british society, just don't invest enough tax money in this area...

I was wondering whether you are in touch with your local hospice. My husband received wonderful hospice at home care when he had cancer.
Hi Amandah
From what you've written I'm wondering if there's a difference between what the carers expect to do and what you expect them to do. If they are contracted to give meds and food and you have already done that they have nothing to do as they cannot suddenly take on other tasks. Have you spoken to the agency about it?
At the very least because you need respite you should try not to there when they are so you can have a break

Mrs Average makes a good point. Take a look in the care file and see what the careplan duties are for each visit and see if they are appropriate. If it says prepare lunch , prompt to take meds and ensure walker is within reach, and you've already done those tasks, the carers job is done!

With my mum, there were bed to chair transfers, commode/pad checks that sometimes were needed and other times not. Also wash, dress, undress, change bedding.......

If there are other care duties to be done, speak to the LA or care agency supervisor and update the careplan.
I think that any care plan should have a section that says "and other tasks as required" or similar. The time when the paid carers are there gives a family carer some guaranteed time off. Saying they can go as soon as they have done AB&C means that you could be rewarding sloppiness. We often see comments here about dishes not washed, put away, worktop not cleaned, surely we don't have to itemise things like this to ensure the WHOLE job is done?!
Yes, a bit like having to add 'converse with client'! However, the LA hires the agency first and foremost for the client and not the family carer, so when push comes to shove, I m sure the carers would say they'd satisfied their obligation! - especially if the client doesn't ask them to do anything else.
And that's the problem with my son. He can't tell carers what to do, and is too timid to tell staff to stop texting, let him watch the TV programmes HE wants to watch (they turn his TV over!!) and to take him out for walks rather than texting on their phones or smoking in the garden. Vulnerable clients need to have all possible jobs listed and like as not they still won't get done!
Sad but true.