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Careworker Shortgage ? Family Carers To The Rescue ... Whilst Balancing Working With Caring ??? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Careworker Shortgage ? Family Carers To The Rescue ... Whilst Balancing Working With Caring ???

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
Looking after family carers, showing them a bit more respect and not putting them in impossible situations whilst caring and when caree dies or goes into nursing home seems a good and cheaper option if taxes and health & safety complications can be ironed out.
Only the Alf & Eddy front , if the workplace is also the caree's home ... ?

We can see it ... why can't our own supporting organisations also see it ?

Rhetorical question ... our organisations don't answer to family carers , only to themselves.
So, where do we find the carersuk.org official position, if they've expressed one?
Hiding amongst press releases and stated campaigns elsewhere on the main site :


At best , towing the Government line with a mere hint of questionability.

After all , we are dealing with a declared non combatant ... a charity ... and , as such , they are bound by Charity Law and the subsequent Government " Gagging order " on charities getting involved with official policy.

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/social-a ... view-29648

To even acknowledge our own Lord Kitch could be seen as " Ultra vires " in the present climate.

No Greenpeace and putting themselves in small rubber boats between a harpoon and whales for them ... or taking turns at the local food bank , meeting with carers who have fallen through that imaginary safety net.

Over 100,000 family carers had to resort to food banks in the last calender year ... several times the number of present members of Carers UK ... however they are counted.

No mention of food banks anywhere on their site ... just the thread I started on this forum ... 13,000 reads so far.

Strange ... Greenpeace are also a charity.
More in the media this morning ... just a link and headline this time ... similar article , different words , same end warning :

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/heal ... 01751.html

Brexit will leave UK short of 380,000 care workers by 2026, analysis suggests.

Austerity hit social care already 90,000 staff short but end of free movement for low skilled workers will see crisis rapidly worsen.
Does Carersuk or anyone else know the economic benefit vs. caree/family benefit of each additional GBP that goes towards carer education/development vs. benefit in the social arena, ie savings in healthcare costs and ability of family members to contribute to society and economy?

Surely someone in Carersuk has the numbers for this?

Is it more beneficial to give money to allow for more paid carers than to give money ( allowances) to enable family members to care for their own?
Straight answer ... probably not.

An " Economics " unit inside Carers UK ?

If they want one , I'm available.

An economic thesis for family carers ... possible !

Most of the spadework already done a decade ago during CarerWatch days ... just have to update the conclusions to fit in with 2018 ... Lord Kitch as a base ... apart from us , nobody else will like it ... one of the conclusions will be a " Carers Charter " , enforced by Law !

In short , double CA ... even treble it ... eliminate the barriers to claim it ... introduce a sweetner for senior citizen carers and ... hey presto , more family carers available at LESS than the cost of employing paid care workers.

Poor old Universal Credit ... to be buried before that steamroller completes it's grand tour of the UK !

One major problem ?

Current Government policy ... enticing more family carers to seek employment ... welcomed by both supporting organisations ... complete opposite !

Still will not address the hours cared for , nor lack of support when , in some daily situations , two carers are needed for a task.

Nor will it remove many family carers from the " 1 in 4 " ... close / at / below the official poverty line !!!
Oh dear , better up that projected paid care worker shortage ?

Tens of thousands of EU nationals in UK could become undocumented after Brexit in crisis " Worse than Windrush "

Home Office demand for EU citizens to apply for settled status will " Inevitably " leave swathes of vulnerable people unable to prove right to be in Britain in years to come, warn campaigners.

Mmmm ... might be the sole tenant in this 12 flat complex by the summer ???

Deck chair out in the concrete communial garden ... bin storage area and car park ... listening to the numerous buses passing by ...
and the sweet sound of the sirens of emergency vehicles on their way to whatever ???

Still ... one compensation ... Sundays / public holidays... fewer buses !

Zero hour contracts allowed for my neighbours to stay ???
Care-workers, like fruit/veg pickers, not to mention nurses and doctors!, will probably be offered some kind of 'vital job' status to stay in the UK.

If the EU care-workers DO exit however, AND the government doesn't just ship in hordes of substitutes from non-EU countries (which they probably will, sigh), then FiNALLY it might 'force the issue' and get care-work properly funded by the state.

It will create a 'perfect storm' - inssuficient careworkes (because paid so rubbish!) and mounting numbers of high-needs elderly (the demographic timebomb).

The UK just HAS to shift more of its GDP to care-costs. For this generation at least. Hopefully the next one, just younger than me, will be the beneficiaries of the healthier life-style initiatives the government is finally trying to push (it won't succeed until there is a swinging sugar/fat tax on processed foods and the food industry is beaten into submission on this!)
Trouble is , our politicians ?

The blind leading those who can see ????