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Carers who smoke.... - Carers UK Forum

Carers who smoke....

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Can anyone tell me what the legal position is if we dont want my sons domiciliary carers to be smokers? The thing is that we end up having to clean sofas and cushions every time because they
have the smell on their clothing and we are all very sensitive to it.
I'm not sure if you have any legal rights to ask but I don't think it would be unreasonable to request it to the agency.
My son has severe learning difficulties. I made it very clear that staff in his flat MUST NOT SMOKE in the flat. After all, they are in someone else's home. It should be a requirement of their employers that they don't smoke, after all, Roy Castle died from lung cancer caused by "passive smoking". He didn't smoke but worked in clubs where smoking was allowed. I suggest you talk to the LA funding your care to start with, and make sure "No Smoking" is part of his care plan.
I recall having problems with Mum's carers because SHE smoked !

The LA said they had the right to refuse carers on the grounds of Health & Safety and that their employees could only work in a smoke-free environment - on those grounds I would say that "what is good for the goose is good for the gander" :shock:

However whilst it is easy to specify that your home is a smoke-free environment and that carers cannot smoke whilst in your home, I don't think it will be so easy to insist that they are, per se, non smokers. If you are really sensitive to the smell on their clothes perhaps it would be easier to request that they change their clothes before entering your home ?
I don't care if you smoke.

I personally feel as adults people have the right to make their own lifestyle choices and should be respected.

However I draw the line where you turn up at the door smelling like an ash tray that's been rinsed in a sink of perfume in an effort to mask the underlying odour.

I have carees with respiratory related health issues and 1 has various assorted oxygen/breathing apparatus.
So if you do turn up smelling like that your not even going to get in the door.
Not to mention because of the equipment we have we do get periodic fire checks.

My other concern would be safety around the house and where food prep is involved because it does really dull your palliate and you can go a bit "nose blind" to things as you get older.. bit like how if you do personal care long enough bowel odours bother you less and less as you get used to it.

By now I've encountered 1000's of care workers over the years and would suggest in reality its the few bad eggs spoiling the batch, usually the considerate ones you won't even know smoke unless they divulge that information in a conversation (and they don't have to bath in perfume either)

Its probably more reasonable to ask they don't show up stinking of smoke in the way aforementioned.
When mum had carers at home some of them were smokers and she hated it as it clung to their clothes. She has never smoked and really disliked it. We just put up with it though and didn't say anything.

I was in our local hospital recently and got into a lift with a couple of uniformed nurses and they absolutely reeked of smoke as they must have just been on a fag break.

I used to be a smoker but gave up 14 years ago and I can smell cigarettes a mile off and I don't like it. I recently lent a paperback book with accompanying CD to a friend and she returned it after a few weeks absolutely stinking of smoke as her OH is a heavy smoker. I was a bit annoyed as it was quite new and cost about £15 but I didn't say anything and left it outside on the garden table for a few days to get rid of the stink.
There is plenty of legislation to protect carers from it but nothing I can find to protect those being cared for! Funny mentioning Roy Castle as we were asked what kind of person my son would like to support him and after being drawn into all the qualities he wouldnt like I was desperate to find a positive example and said " someone like Roy Castle " because he was always cheerful and everybody seemed to like him! How funny is that? LOL
I don't think that you can do anything to smokers. This is 100% legal here.
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