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Carers who get nothing! - Carers UK Forum

Carers who get nothing!

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I was wondering if there is any carers on here who do not get any income at all Image

Let me explain

I have been caring for my partner for over 20 years she is age 43, disabled, she gets income support, SDA, DLA (low rate of care, high rate of mobility) because she is permanently disabled. She also gets Council tax credit from the local council. We have a car with a blue disabled badge (Only me drives, it's not a mobility car) We have twin girls who are now in college age 16.
I get no Carers allowance (hence I get no income) because she is on the low rate of DLA for care even though I look after her 24 hours a day, (she has lots of medical problems, is in pain a lot of the time with arthritis, has eye problems, also has weak muscles throughout her body, not sure of the medical terms., but she has lots of hospital appointments which I take her to.)

I have wanted to work at least part time for a while but I've have been told by officials in the local job centre that if I do any work at all my partners income, benefits, etc will be stopped (except the DLA), and whatever money I earn her money will be stopped pound for pound, athey have also said "dont work as you will be worse off". I consider this is discrimination against me as a carer as I wish to work but I am being prevented by unnecassary red tape and stupid income support rules it seems to me.

Someone said I could work and claim working families tax credit but they were unwilling to provide me with an idea if I would be better off or not. Does anyone know the best way forward now as I have virtually given up any hope of getting a job as I cannot get any descent advice. Note I have been to the job centre, Local CAB and others and they have all said the same thing "You are better off as you are" cause if you work you will be paying tax, Council Tax (which here is £105 a month) Its absolutely crazy Image Image


Hi Keith. Welcome to the forum!

As far as the Income Support is concerned, it's true - your partner would lose it. But not the SDA or DLA which she gets in her own right. I have to say I'm a little surprised that she qualifies for SDA but not the middle rate care component of DLA: theoretically (and I understand that practically it can be different) that should be near-impossible. What your post suggests is that the DLA could stand revisiting, preferably with support from someone to help with the forms?
Hi Keith,

Welcome to the forum.

I am with Charles,will be worth getting your wifes DLA looked at again.
Welfare rights can handle it all for you.

Hi Keith

I too think it is well worth getting a review of your partner's Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

If she is awarded the middle rate of the care component of Disability Living Allowance then you would be entitled to Carer's Allowance which in turn would increase your joint Income Support because a carer's premium would be added.

And if she was awarded the higher rate of the care component of DLA an enhanced disability premium as part of Income Support would also be payable.

So go ask for a review!
You need to do this in writing and will need to make clear exactly what care your partner needs.

If you'd like to talk about it in more detail do ring us on Carers Line -

Weds and Thurs 10 - 12 & 2 - 4
0808 808 7777

or send us an email to - info@carersuk.org

Look forward to hearing from you

Best Wishes

Jean French
Advice and Information Manager
Carers UK
Hi my situation is the oppersit of you i work full time, have two young children and care for my husband part time. i have to work to support my husband and children finacally. i find working full time, caring for my husband, bringing up two young children and running a home very difficult. i went to seek help about wheather or not i would be better off if i gave up work or went part time. the result was that i would be worse off by £200 a month even though we are on a low income.

My husband gets middle rate care but should get high rate due the amount of care he needs. i was told that as his care allowance was set it would be worse to apply for a re-assessment as it could cause problems.

I know people that have applied for it and had it taken away after re assessment. We recieve working family tax, it dose include a section entitlement for a disabled person, child or adult and they do give you an amount for that person based on what type of care components your wife gets. They do of course have a habbit of messing up the amount of money you recieve and as a result you end up paying it back.

Let me know what you decide to do as i am concidering giving up work.

Good luck