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Hi all

I have been involved in many questionnaires for Carers UK and we always allow carers to remain anonymous, as we understand carers are often rightly protective of sensitive personal information. I don't know why that wasn't allowed in this case, although I'm sure it's nothing sinister. I will point out this thread to the person that manages the Carers Week partnership who put together the questionnaire.

However I can say with some certainty, in answer to carer_J, that Carers UK is an independent organisation and we take very seriously the privacy of our members and supporters, we also take seriously our legal responsibilities under the data protection act and would not pass your answers onto anyone else. I am certain that equally applies to the various charities that form the Carers Week partnership.

Matt Hill
Carers UK
Sorry carer_j but I am afraid the 'hunting out the ineligibles' does not bother me. I am of the opinion that civil liberties costs us millions, and whilst I am aware of the '1984 Big Brother is watching you problem' I feel the powers that be can have my DNA, bank details, fingerprints or whatever they want. If they want to take away my DLA (wife's), then if the laws says they are right, then let them get on with it.
Meanwhile, let's try and get more for those that need it and fill the questionnaire in!
That sounds good until you realize that targets will need to be met and innocent people will get 'caught'

The powers that be, non of those you name are charities are they? Charites are businesses that now give LESS money to good causes, that was reported a while ago and will soon be expected to help teh government, you know, the main sourse of income fro carers uk, regulate benefits, if carers uk go down this route then I would not recommend anyone to support or help carers uk or any charity that is set up to help disabled people.
i reiterate no information will be passed on. carers uk is a not for profit organisation whose mission is to improve carers' lives. our income and expenditure is clearly set out as are the activities we carried out in 2006 in our annual report. ... rtAccounts
Whilst I fully accept what you say about the use of information, Gavin, I made a decision long ago that I would only complete questionnaires that give me the choice of what I will, or will not, divulge. Where said choice is unavailable I do not complete them. It is fast becoming the only freedom I have!
..and that is your choice which i fully respect. it's always good to get feedback about questionnaire design and i'm sure the intention is to gather evidence to campaign for change, but fully appreciate sensitivities arounf=d revealing personal info.- this survey is being carried out for carers week - this is a coalition of charities of which Carers uk is a part. i'll make sure your comments are fed back.


Thanks Gavin.