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CARERS WEEK 2011 - Carers UK Forum


Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
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Nearly 80 per cent of unpaid carers in the South East are worried about cuts to services, according to new research for Carers Week 2011 (13-19 June). Almost half don’t know how they will cope as the axe falls on some of the vital support they rely

Midlothian area
1. Guardian
'A day in the life of a carer': Rowenna_Davis' latest post from the home of @CarersUK member Rose http://t.co/FORvQxF

2. Daily Mail
Army of 'grey carers' who look after elderly relatives grows to record 1.2million]http://goo.gl/fb/8uR23[/url]

3. Sunday Express
'Carers are collapsing from stress' - Sunday Express]http://ow.ly/5fLpw[/url]

4. Scotsman We must raise profile of carers
http://news.scotsman.com/health/Paul-Ed ... 6783924.jp
We've been getting lots of local BBC Radio coverage right across the UK - too much to list at the moment. Please let us know if you hear anything or see anything in your local papers this week!

Thanks everyone
I was interviewed on bbc radio Bristol this morning

go to the 2hr 20 minute mark after the Corrs song Image
Enjoyed the Corrs song Image

Great interview Alex
Just seen a chunky piece on ITV West's regional news programme, gave lots of numbers from the survey, film/interview of male carer and sister caree in her 60s (LD, autism), piece from Emily Holzhausen and plenty of mentions of CarersUK. There is to be a second piece tomorrow(?).

Well done all who got this on for us.
Good interview Alex.
The cuts carers are facing will bring greater costs in the long term
This week is Carers Week, a week where national charities and local groups are recognising the contribution made by the 6.4 million people in the UK who care, unpaid, for ill, frail or disabled friends or family. However, more than most, carers are facing increasingly difficult times.

A survey of carers to mark Carers Week showed that four out of five were fearful of the impact of cuts on their families and nearly half did not know how they would cope if the support they received was cut.

It is clear that carers' fears are well-founded. Directors of social services have reported £1bn in cuts to social care in this financial year, at a time when increased demand from an ageing population should require an additional £425m in social care spending.

There is also evidence that families have little capacity to withstand cuts to the support they receive. According to a report from the NHS information centre, the proportion of carers caring for over 50 hours a week has doubled since 2001. We also know that carers are twice as likely to be in ill-health as the general population, half have suffered a physical injury as a result of caring and nearly three quarters already report being pushed to breaking point by the stresses of caring.
read in full here

Steve McIntosh is Senior Policy and Public Affairs Officer for Carers UK
You might know this fella Image . Well done Charles

see here
well done Charles.
We do not have a Carers Advocacy service in Pembrokeshire. Princess Royal Carers Trust used to have someone who was very supportive and would help Carers who asked for this, but they have shut now,so no advocacy any more.