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Carers urged to check council tax - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Carers urged to check council tax

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Hi everyone,
I'm having problems checking the website, I think it may be my computer being weird.
Am I right in thinking that if one person has dementia (for example - I'm thinking of my mum at the moment), they could be disregarded? My mum lives with my dad (who is her full time carer) so if my mum was disregarded, would be dad be eligible for the 25% discount (as if he was living there alone)?
Thanks! Council tax is the biggest drain on their finances - it would be great if there was a discount in place.

well I am sorry - you are correct I said you, but like I just said what I meant to say was your father - and Im sorry for upsetting you - I was only trying to help there's no need to get defensive and unreasonable...
and I wasnt asking for details - I was just forming an opinion on what you had already written and at the end of the day we are all entitled to an opinion and freedom of speach arent we?????
Hi Mandy_Pandy

Council tax discounts because someone in the home is severely mentally impaired work like this -

There is a 25% discount if there is only one person living in the family home.

Some people are ignored (disregarded is the legal term) for council tax purposes - and this includes people who have a severe mental impairment.
So - if your mum is severely mentally impaired and no one else lives in the house but your dad - he will be treated as though he lives alone and will get a 25% discount on the council tax bill.

Broadly (this is not a complete list) - the rules on who will be disregarded because of severe mental impairment are as follows -

- the person needs to be getting one on the following benefits: incapacity benefit, middle or higher rate care component of disability living allowance, attendance allowance or income support with a disability premium; and

- a registered medical practitioner (most often a GP) has issued a certificate confirming that the person is severely mentally impaired.

So - get a certificate from your mum's GP and contact your mum's local council to ask for the discount - they may ask for a form to be completed.

The discount can be backdated to the date your mum and dad should have received it (as far back as April 1st 1993 when council tax was introduced) but you will need to produce evidence of eligibility for previous years.

Hope it all goes well - any problems then ring us on 0808 808 7777 Weds & Thurs 10-12 & 2-4
and if it all goes well do let us know!

Best wishes

I care for my disabled wife. We recently claimed the one-band reduction in Council Tax.
This was based on having to use our dining-room as our downstairs bedroom from now on.

However, when completing the form, I realised we could have claimed much earlier, based on a "disabled" shower (in an existing 2nd bathroom) we had got installed for her in late 2005. So I added that to the form.

The chap from the council (Wiltshire) came round today to have a look, and agreed the shower would qualify. He said the claim will therefore be backdated to start of this financial year - so April 09 - but not earlier.

I just wanted to check if this is the norm - i.e. there is no requirement on the council to backdate to when "eligibility" started (in our case Nov 2005).

Many thanks for any views.
As far as i know you can only claim back payments for one year but they can if they over pay you claim as far back as George the 3rd
We've just recently got a reduction of one band in relation to the disability allowance and were also told we could only go back one year - but unlike you, our council will only consider adaptations to actual rooms and not bathrooms. Although I did read in their notes that you could claim more if a wheelchair was needed and if more than one room had to be adapted. Maybe its different in each area?