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thanks matt.....your reply serves to further illustrate the point i was making..... the social care systems are devolved but that still shouldn't mean that Carers in other parts of the UK cannot have an opinion and it definitely shouldn't mean we cannot become involved in the campaign in solidarity with our southern cousins...so i dont agree that its an england only thing...surely carers throughout the UK attacking the government would be more effective than an england only thing
It very much depends on what you are campaigning for, there is little point in a united campaign about a service which is delivered in different ways by devolved governments, some issues are common to all of us I agree even if devolved but the solutions are likely to be different because we have different systems which need changing in different ways; some issues common and decided by Westminster and a united campaign is needed but there is still the issue of many carers not being able to get to Westminster but being able to get to their devolved seat of government. Because most of us have so little time away from caring and getting anywhere is difficult it is perhaps best to ensure that any campaign is carefully targeted to where it will have most impact and this may mean different campaigns for different parts of the UK.
thanks very much for that Parsifal....its always good to have ideas tested and having new perspectives...i am grateful for your analysis and the elegance of your explanation and can see much wisdom in what you say and for me this reason enough and explanation for the status quo remaining

however i still cant resist pointing out that anyone new to carer campaign issues could still be unaware of which issues are UK wide and which are devolved to regional sub-links......until Matt told me via this forum...I had no idea that the campaign WAS part of an England-only campaign...It wasn't specified on the site so when i followed the link I of course found no relevant info on how I could help....and still have no idea