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went into website link to get more info on a specific Carers (UK!!!!) Right Care, Right Deal campaign only to find that the info only related to England, not the UK....I am of course aware that Scots, Welsh and Irish legislation and systems have differences but no reference was made to how we in the rest of the UK can get involved

I have no sympathy with narrow nationalism so I hope that my comments are not viewed in this light by our English brothers and sisters, we should truly be a UNITED Kingdom and
despite the SNP, Sinn Feinn Plaid Cymru and UKIP et al, by far the great majority of the citizens of the UK still are proud to be part of the UK and scots, welsh and irish have proudly served the UK in both WW1 and WW2, Iraq and Afghanistan...

If you wish to avoid offending potential supporters from these other countries perhaps it would be a good start not to target only the English in the UK part of your website....there is misguided but understandable opinion held by some citizens of these 'foreign' places that english people consider that the UK begins and ends at the english borders....a myth perpetuated by having to constantly endure gaffes like this

...I know that there is a Scots only section so why is there not a dedicated england only section too...the UK sections should be entirely UK inclusive and truly UNITED
Although this thread should perhaps more properly be in the Carers UK section I think we should leave it here for a few days to encourage discussion.

What does everyone think?

For myself, I agree with MS Carer.
I also agree as it is very disheartening to find that what you need, in the form you need it, is actually available, but only if you happen to live in Scotland, Wales or England, not in the UK Image
And while this situation remains, then we should have seperate sections of information.
I have just had a look at the front-end of carers UK. And I think I can see what you mean. It would make sense to have an England only link. If only to highlight new legislation and rules etc, that only affect England, Wales has been developing its own regulations. For some time now, as has Northern Ireland and Scotland has a different legal system from the rest of the UK.
I feel very frustrated, when I see things in the news regarding Carers, and it only applies in England. Benefits are throughout the whole of Britain, at least at present, so all considerations for Carers chould be nationwide too.
There are also both acts and stutory instaments that are only for England or England and Wales or N Ireland or Scotland. Where that causes a prob is that what works fine in one place may not be just the same in another. But I am only talking about the rules and not the work we do.
thanks to all who replied .....and for receiving my comments so positively. I hesitated when posting as I was worried that you all would think I was being oversensitive and pedantic.
As I already said I am not a Tartan Tory (SNP) but in common with many Scots I cant help getting riled with many instances of thoughtlessness on the part of our southern cousins

...e.g when a SCOT wins any award its a great win for Britain and when the winnner is English then suddenly team GB disappears and we get regaled by the commentator enraptured by the ENGLISH medal tally

However I feel I must slightly clarify for Peteraf my aim is not to encourage some sort of national apartheid within Carers UK with carers only accessing a Scots site or a Welsh only site...what I mean is that it is a UK site so the whole site should apply to the UK as a whole....if you go to a campaign link it should apply to all members....there should only be sub-links to those areas where there are definite differences...eg separate legislation or national/regional differences with funding/social work etc
It makes me cringe. We are all supposedly attuned to the needs of ethnic minorities and people with disabilities, but there is virtually no training provided to managers and staff of UK organisations in the diversity of the UK. This is a very sensitive issue: parts of the UK have been run as de-facto English colonies for several hundred years, and sometimes the small slights are the most irritating. That said, some of the most intolerant attitudes towards the Gaelic language and culture come from .... central belt Scots themselves!
i was about to concede that closing point ...(obviously the following may contain some gross generlities/oversimplifications)......but here goes

i think you are confuscating gaeldom with scots and scots with scottish

the gaelic language and culture are predominantly irish/celtic ethnically

the scots were predominantly celtic/norse but their language and culture has been heavily influenced by centuries of interaction with anglo saxons....e.g the wars of independence resulting in a distinct cultural difference from their highland cousins

the ethnic cleansing campaign after 1745 was ably supported by the complete outlawing of all gaelic culture and language.....the highland clearances by scots landowners in cahoots with english interests further decimated the gaels.....

as i have said the scots or lallans have their own distinct language and culture..its not totally surprising that they, with their long history of exposure to english and intermarriage etc should be suspicious of what they viewed as an alien race....any sympathisers would certainly become targets of savage english repression

sadly this campaign has been so successful it has permanently tainted gael/scots relations..there is just as much invective directed to those who routinely speak using scots vernacular...despite rabbie burns being world famous, generations of teachers have routinely corrected pupils for anything other than RP/ BBC English Gealic is seen as foreign and Scots is seen as synonymous with uneducated, chavvy etc..it is seen as less worthy than speaking "wi' bools in yer mooth" with clipped vowels and plummy tones

scottish therefore doesnt mean gaelic...like the english we are a mongrel race and all the better for it
Carers UK is a small organisation and this issue is extremely complicated! Personally given our resources I think we do a good job.

We have 5 websites UK, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Welsh Language.

All sites carry UK wide content that is relevent to all ie. benefits. But the facts are that social care is devolved and so rules are different in the nations. We must ensure that both the Information we give carers and also our policy work and cmapaigns is relevent.

The site you mentioned Right Care Right deal was a coaltion with Help the Aged (england) and was about influencing the Green Paper on social care which is an England only thing so it was an England only campaign. Of course the issue affect carers everywhre but our goal was to influence governemnt policy so we have to attack it on their terms. Might seem daft but it is more a more effective campaiging strategy.

It is not easy for an organisation to get this right but we try very hard at Carers UK. For example to say UK wide when we mean UK wide and national when we mean Scotland wide or England wide depending on the context. We try to be clear if we talk about 'government' do we mean the UK westminster governemnt or the Scottish governemnt. The scottish have a government but the Welsh have an assembly.

It is complex and we do sometimes get it wrong I know that offends people! (I know because they phone me and tell me in no uncertain terms Image )

We are certainly united when it comes to our campaigning for a better deal on benefits, but the political reality is that in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland you get more done, carers pay more attention if you have a clear nation brand. Rightly or wrongly that doesn't apply in England. To start using "Carers England" would just confuse things more - we know because we have tried it int he past and it didn't work!

Interesting debate!