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Carers UK General Election 2019 Manifesto - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Carers UK General Election 2019 Manifesto

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
Thanks for the clarification Michael - me reading and running and not reading properly - "more haste less spead as my Mum would" say :D I am so happy that it is in there.
Stephen_16071 wrote:
Thu Nov 07, 2019 12:33 am
How about Michael talking us through his experiences as a carer?

Hey Sally, totally agree with your visions. Long time no talk.
Hey Stephen - how's you and your Mum? I love how much you care for her. But love alone isn't enough is it? It is a lonely job and horribly frustrating when you can't access the care you need for her.

Try not to get frustrated with the forum. We are all different and come it at caring from different angles. Lizzy and Michael have the tricky job. I am sure they are not super well paid working for a charity and are doing a tricky job moderating here. The forum would not be able to run without neutral moderators and I for one am so grateful the forum exists.

Chris is an ex carer with a deep knowledge and interest in policy and benefits for carers. He is a long time wearer of the t-shirt and cares deeply about all those in carer-land.

Please try and let the things you don't like wash over you and take the companionship and understand that pretty much everything that is said on here is meant well. We are all linked by our desire to help each other and concern for each other's struggles. Also have in mind that it is harder to communicate in writing, I am pretty sure that I often put my foot in it because you can't hear my tone of voice or see my face. On the whole we mean well!

Also please don't ever underestimate your own importance here. As you know I care for my Mum with dementia too. I have often found what you say hugely useful or just comforting that my struggles aren't just my own. And there will be many people who lurk hear never posting who will take strength and information from your own posts. So always think hard before you leave because you make a big contribution and there aren't enough of us here already!

Take care
Hi all, just to let you know that a few posts have been removed from this thread that were considered to have breached the community guidelines. As we welcome your views on Carers UK Manifesto and want to encourage healthy discussion, we will keep this thread going. However, please take care to ensure your posts stick to the topic and follow the community guidelines so the forum can be a supportive and welcoming place for everyone. Thanks so much for your views so far.
As we welcome your views on Carers UK Manifesto and want to encourage healthy discussion.

With CUK itself , Lizzie ?

Or , are we to accept CUK's manifesto as our own ?

A fait accompli.

CUK will be heard but ... not us ?

( Left to me , the centre piece would be a Carers Charter ... plenty in past postings on the significance of that one ... dating back to CarerWatch days , a decade ago.

The days of family / kinship carers just being used as a cheap option by all and sundry , with no rights automated enjoyed by all other citizens , and no direct say in any
policies affecting them , must surely be numbered ??? ... CarerWatch posting 2008 ! )