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Carers uk on bbc this breakfast

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Been watching the bbc breakfast news this mornign since 6am and the government are going to put 150 million into doubling respite care and also carers will get more regular health checks themselves but whats great is that there was a carers uk representative saying the carers allowence needs a radical overhaul.
At last i've seen something on tv regarding carers, lets just hope they flamin well listen and look at the carers allowence.
HANG ON carers representative on T.V. saying the carers allowance needs a radical overhaul is that not what the review was all about early indications are that the carers allowance will remain at the level it is now and for me that is not good enough and lets not forget this is a 10 year plan b.b.c. reported the 150 million £`s is new money for WORKING CARERS to enable them to get time off they will give carers health checks surely we all know where the doctors are . also the 150 million it was stated is for carers in England
As many of us have said the 24/7 carers ill get nothing extra pensioner carers no help well it looks as though the government have gone for the so called big headline 6 million carers to get help 150 million £`s between 6 / 7 million working carers £20 EACH I THINK .

well it looks as though iam not going to get any help if we do not receive the increase in carers allowance and we wont the events this month woth government ministers should be cancelled or at least inform the ministers they are not welcome at them .

have CARERS UK said we WELCOME THIS REPORT hope not .

the devil is in the detail .

watch this space

ahhhh my bad that is george, it hadn't said anything about the 150 mil being for working carers only thats false reporting then.

Good job your around to keep things straight.
Are my maths correct ..6000.000 carers ....
£150 000,000 for respite .which works out at £ 25 per Carer?
As well as that ,what they havnt taken into account is how much has already been taken off Carers! Day care centres are closing and the hours dropping anyway.The respite homes are closed or on the verge of closing and the respite time decreased anyway. the criterias to health/social care have altered radically. Very few social workers, slowness in providing necessary equipment (they do that in the hope the carer will pay because of necessity)
Attempt to force direct payment instead of providing a choice,etc etc. And ..good heavens ...paying carers a decent amount to care was barely touched upon!!
Grrrrrrrrrrrr Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.so actually they took away...then are giving back .less!! Clever isnt it!!!
oh my now my head hurts, so much to take in and not forget.
yes it is interesting news, i saw bbc this morning too
most of the carers i know dont get any respite care, so zero
and i agree with george, no increase in CA and this is a
10 year plan-so CA will rise each year by how much 5-10p
this is no good, and a sad day for us all

Doubling respite care sounds good.

Until you realise that for most carers, doubling nothing is still nothing. And that is what they will get. The government speaks of a coming £6bn deficit in social care funding (actually I believe it's now - and an understatement) and £150 million is going to fix it?

They can find money for schools - but not carers

They can find money for wars - but not carers

They can find money for massive pay awards and expenses - for MPs but not for carers

Can you spot a trend here?
Well as said i'm one of the carers who has no respite so for us it is nothing to nothing but now like many i'm stuck in this situation of who would we turn to, who would act for us, would a union be helpful? or would a newly formed politcal party be the answer? a party created by carers with carers interest in mind kind of thing? i mean really where do we go from here? what do we do? protests are great but they can still be ignored? media coverage and all it can still be pushed aside, what we need is to hurt the government where it hurts and nothing hurts more than their wallet so why not go for that?
The only thing that will really hurt the government is if we all dump the people we care for on the steps of local social service departments and hospitals and leave them there, we won't do that and they know it. Having said that I'm game to do a Fathers4Justice and sit on Ivan Lewis' roof, only problem is that someone will have to carry me up, I'm disabled myself Image . Oh, and I don't like heights either and suffer from vertigo but I'm still game for it, can you imagine the headlines: "Disabled Carer Falls off Minister's Roof During Carer Protest", that should grab some attention, nothing else seems to, caring just isn't sufficiently dramatic just boring old hard slog, by 8.30 am we were behind the dolphins in the Today Programme headlines, 26 dead dolphins versus 6 million half-dead carers, says a lot about the concerns of British society Image .