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Lost Posts-anyone missing one? - Carers UK Forum

Lost Posts-anyone missing one?

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The subject of disappearing or lost posts has been raised elsewhere on the forum in an unrelated thread.
I think I may have raised this issue in the past, I'm not quite sure! Image It does seem to be quite a problem with the forum though and I wondered how many other users had experienced the same thing? It seems to happen quite often when a post is lengthy, post is completed, submit button pushed and the post disappears into cyberspace.

On my other forums, they have a "remember me" box that I need to tick when I log in. If I don't, I sometimes get "timed out" and find myself logged out again. Maybe this is a similar thing..any ideas?
i think that some or most of the problem is with windows software and the running of peoples computers and the rest is the internet provider,i know my computer does strange things if i don't clear the history or use disk cleanup and then on other days virgin media is rubbish so use google and vice versa on another day,i get the computer to remember my passwords and then if it's playing up it forgets them,the thing sometimes freezes on me,i've haven't got any viruses i think it's just one of those things.if i lose a post i just swear at it to make myself feel better and start typing again and think at least i'm missing some rubbish on tv.
The only time I've had this happen is if someone else has posted on the same topic while I've been composing a long message. Pushes me into draft before I've registered the fact and I move on... Image