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CARERS RATE OF PAY= £1-52p PER HOUR ? NO WAY - Carers UK Forum


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I am so annoyed that carers uk claim that the carers allowance is worth about £1-52 p per hour NO WAY IT AINT THAT HIGH i am available for work like thousands of others 24/7 i know i am not working every single minute of the day but i may be asked to work every single minute of the day i would hand on heart say that i do work for at least 15 hours per day and many carers will work far harder then me at about 100 hours per week thats 50 pence an hour i am sure many others will claim that 50 pence is a high rate ......
and lets not forget thousands work unpaid like pensioners / students lets get real this low pay is one reason why many of us with disabled relatives depend on the cash disability beefits like A.A. & D.L.A.....

When i was at work for Tyne Wear metro we had a STANDBY / ON CALL payment if my memory is correct that alone was wort about £10 per day and that was in 1997 at the time the standby rate was twice carers allowance i think....
George, it will have been worked out re the 35 hours care to get CA.
Yes Rosemary, but the 35 hours is a MINIMUM to claim CA. This means the £1.52p is the MAXIMUM amount that the Government is prepared to pay someone to keep the Caree out of the residential home/hospital..... which is saving them over £80 BILLION per year

Add on top of that the numerous people who AREN'T ALLOWED to claim CA, such as Pensioners, Students etc and I wonder what the figure would be then???

It needs shouting from the rooftops, but nobody's listening. Image Image
I knew was minimum hours Coffee. Fact is,CA is a disgrace, a pittance.I posted to show where the figure came from.

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what happened to the e.u 48 hour directive,what about the minimum wage,what about statutary sick pay,statutary holidays,overtime rates,weekend or night work rates,it seems to me that just about everyone else has legal rights but carers. WHY are we the forgotten workers, brown has said 2018, how many of us will still be around then, politicians know we look after our loved ones, because we care for, and about them.but something has to be done as you only have to read the forum to see how desperate many carers are becoming.the caring alone does drag you down without the added stress of poverty and financial problems and constantly shifting the benefit goalposts doesn't help either.they must be forced to listen before the entire system such as it is collapses.
I agree with mungo and rosemary but after watching them squirm there way out of the expences debacle even my mp sir ming campbell i told hime straight it is shocking and deceitful what they all have got up to and are we full time unpaid carers i cannot even get carers allowance or the measely top up of £27 per week.

i am on long term incapacity l cannot even get a cold weather payemnt even though l had heart attack 3 years ago chronic sleep apneao,chronic migrains syndrome diabteic with insulin and servere stress and depression dont give a dam about me have osteo arthritis and have a had a broken femour leg bone 18 places 20 years ago now still dont give a dam.

mum has cancer and just been in hospital for 5 weeks made lovelly roast duck tatties etc for mum small portions and all came up so mum went into hospital for an emergency gall stone operation mum also has the chronic haitus hernia so has 8 or 9 sparrow portions of food aday.

Has lost a quarter of her body weight in hospital but dwp and the rest dont give a dam about mum AND MY CHRONIC worries for mum as mum senior nurse for 45 years dundee and south africa. kenneth 2dundee now fife
thats what the government want for all of to die so they do not have pay for or pay us any money to live and pay bills.
Very true the expenses claims are a disgrace M.P`S have a good salary and should not need expenses for many of the things that they claim for, yet the same M.P`S are going to remove the expenses from the over 65`s who have A.A. & D.L.A. after all these 2 benefits are not just for health care but for many other things that will allow them to lead a near normal life as far as iam concerned A.A.& D.L.A. are expenses benefits for the elderly disabled .......
one law for them and one law for us to sort the mess out has cost the state 1.4 million quid the pay back by over 300 M.P`S is about 1.5 million what a total cock up and if you look at the new set up NOWT WILL CHANGE.....
We're not classed as 'workers' though are we? That's why we don't get even the minimum wage.
If we did get the minimum wage, small though it is, we'd all be so much the better off for it.
If we did get the minimum wage, small though it is, we'd all be so much the better off for it.
Aye wouldn't we just!

marie x
but would we??

If you think about it, if you get IS you get
Free Glasses
Free Prescriptions
Housing Benefits/Council Tax.

If they raise the CA to minimum wage (5.80/hr)

even if they just pay for the minimum you need to get CA (35hrs you get £203/wk)
then they'll probably turn around and say you're now earning too much money to get IS, wham there goes the Free Prescriptions, so you now have to shell out for a pre payment card for your caree (and probably yourself as well) Housing benefits/council tax will be reassessed and depending on rules could be slashed.

The government loves to give with one hand then take away with the other, They want us to get out and work even p/t but won't give let us earn more then £20 a week before they dock it from IS. I did some p/t work between July and Dec last year, and would be still doing it if it wasn't for the fact IS wouldn't accept the fact I had through no fault of my own had about 3weeks off at a go, and kept taking money off me. Had to fight them since November for a rebate, luckly its all sorted now though I doubt I'll be working again soon.