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carers in other countries

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I was wondering how carers in other countries fair.

I looked at the link for carers australia and they seem to be in the same position.

I also read an article the other day about there being no care packages from the government in Spain, supposidly you are on your own there.

I just wonder if any country actually does it right!

I heard an elderly lady talking on radio 4 some weeks ago who said there was no social services when she was young indeed the was no NHS. family and neighbours took it in turns to care for the more needy.

This goes on my thoughts that the more people that care propely for anyone the better the quality of life for all those involved.

I have no help from my family nor my sons father. We are an isolated unit of my eldest son Dan [ secondry carer] my son Oli and myself. It has been this way for 17 years.

On the whole in my experience people think it is not their responsibility, i.e not there kids, parents, brother, sister or neighbour.

I have some extremly selfish anti social neighbours and a very selfish family.

How do we encourage people to engage more in sharing care?

It does become extremly unreasonable to expect a social services system to replace family and neighbour support.

Why cant these people sit in for half an hour while we wash or rest. ?
Why cant they help to do the garden or hang a basket of washing?
Why dont people reach out anymore? It is shameful? They should be ashamed!

These people live their lives devoid of any real value and we are all much richer than them because we know the rewards of enriching someone elses life, this has no monetry value....its priceless.

The emotional benefits of giving to others are well documented.

People want lower taxes why dont they get off their backsides and help?


I do find people profoundly disappointing Image
I'm sure a lot of people agree with your sentiments. I think part of the problem is our fractured society - people moving away, families splitting up, people existing rather than living and the Government's insistence that women get back to work and leave their children for someone else to look after (or no-one) and with the economic climate as it is, the income from work becomes essential to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. But having said all that the fact remains that some people are just self centred and the 'I'm all right Jack' attitude seems to prevail. Image
I must admit my view re care is set in the past the old dolls family lived in fear of "the work house " even in the 20`s they as a family would look after each other, the old dolls father was getting support from the " parish " he was in receipt of war pension from ww1 gassed at Ypres the old doll moved to London to join the A.T.S. so her wages would not be taken off her fathers parish allowance .
In the late 50`s when the old doll had 2 kids of her own she was working and every morning she looked after her mother and her stepfather she took meals round lunch time and evening when her mother died her stepfather came to live with us.
over the years i realised that if i ever had to chose betwen work and looking after someone work would have to go i would rather be poor and keep family together than be rich with family in care / rest home i did try to work and care but it cant be done even if respite was available dont think we would have got any benefit from it i strongly believe that its the families responsability to care for their elderly / young disabled relatives thats if they can obviously some may have their own children or live away or may just not be capable of doing the care work you should not feel guilty if you decide not to care for a family member we after all do have our own lives to live but in principle we should be the first choice and we should be paid for what we do we save the state 90 billion per year if the carers allowance had been pitched at the right level in the first place many more of us would be working as carers therefore more cash would be available for those who need the social care system.