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Carers in films and on TV

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I'm sorry if this seems a little trivial

I would appreciate any help: I'm trying to think of carer's representations in films, tv and in culture generally. I can't think of any really famous carers either. I'm probably being a bit think as I could only think of Lou from Little Britain and Tori suggested the 'Diana's Story' book/film.
Any suggestions:

Thanks and hope everyone is haveing a good day.
There have been a couple of brilliant TV dramas about carers written by Derec Longden who was a carer. I met Derec a few years ago when he was speaker at an event run by the Barnsley branch of Carers UK. He has also written books about it.

Wide Eyed and Legless (aka The Wedding Gift) (1994) is based on Derec's caring for his wife Diana. Jim Broadbent plays Derec Longden and Julie walters was his wife.

Then there was Lost for Words in 1999. This time Pete Postlewaite plays Deric and this is about caring for his elderly Mum, who is played by Thora Hird.

There are many famous people who have had incidents of Caring,as well as some who have disabled children. There are some on this link

There was a TV Drama on ITV during Christmas 2006, "After Thomas" about a boy suffering from Autism, and his parents, grandparents and eventually a Caring "Angel" dog, called "Thomas", who was the key in unlocking the boy's communication.

In Movies "Rainman" springs to mind, again this covers autism, played by Dustin Hoffman

"Scent of a Woman" dealing with a man with visual impairment, who need to be cared for Robert De Niro acted as the cared for, in this one.

There was a play called Smaller last year, which dealt with a daughter caring for her Mother.

Can't think of anymore, maybe the other Carers might be able to help?