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Carers' health buckling under the strain - Carers UK Forum

Carers' health buckling under the strain

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Carers Week partners are calling for urgent action on care crisis as shocking new Carers Week research shows two in five carers are sacrificing their own health by putting off medical treatment to care.

http://www.carersuk.org/newsroom/item/2 ... the-strain

What's your experience?
Carers Week research released today shows that carers’ health is buckling under the strain. A massive 83% of carers have suffered a negative impact on physical health and 87% have suffered a negative impact of mental health. http://www.carersuk.org/newsroom/item/2 ... the-strain

Can you relate to this? Do you feel like you are sacrificing your own health due to caring? What needs to change to combat this?
Has anyone else seen the report published today claiming that carers are being let down by the failing care system?


I just wondered if anyone else has seen it and what they think of it.

Does anyone believe that the governments claims of funding crisis is just an excuse?
is it possible that the needs of carers will never truly be met by the government and local councils?
Yes. More support.

I'll go for more appropriate support....................some support just makes more work!
I agree Myrtle. Appropriate support.
It makes SUCH a difference.
I don't agree with them only allocating £400m until 2015, it should be a long term commitment on their part, seeing how they haven't bother in the past, they owe us big time. All carer's should have regular health checks to make sure their mental and physical health is good, but I really can't see this happening myself. A lot of people who are carers are still unknown to the authorities, and even when you are known you have to fight tooth and nail for the appropriate services because their own salaries are more important than we are.

Yes I agree that each carers case is different but that's why they should be assessing each individual carer to see what type of help they need, one solution doesn't fit all.
What is and what should be are always different,and we will always be regarded as outside the vital sector of vote winners.I am at the stage where i expect nothing....rarely disappointed. Image
IF.........I guess that as long as there are "normal" people,those with 2.4 kids,watch the soaps,eat Walkers crisps,drink Coca-Cola and vote for the right party,then we will always be neglected.What is and what will never be! Image
I know everyone has different areas of support they need, depending what care they give to their caree. I have found that my mam's physical health as gone downhill since my dad died 20 months ago. Her mind is still ok and because of that I find that she is making more and more demands on me to the extent that my mental health is suffering. When I go home from my seeing to my mam I sometimes feel like not even getting out of the car. I just want to sit there and not move, or I just want to drive off and never come back. It doesn't help when I have my brother and his wife talking to me like I don't have a proper job to do and that what I do is nothing compared to what my sister in law does. My brother hasn't worked since he had a knee replacement last November and my sister in law hands out teas/coffees at the local hospital for a couple of hours and sometimes does the cleaning of the floors as extra work. If she does the cleaning she works for 5 hours a day and my brother does the housework and cooking and drives her to and from work. There are 2 of them looking after one house whereas I am one person looking after 2 houses. Plus I find that I am scared to sit down in my mam's house as she always wants something done as soon as I sit down. A few years ago I was involved in car accident. Luckily I was not seriously injured but I did get a knock to my hip and shoulder, plus I've had on/off trouble with my knee for years. This is all down my right hand side. I had been relatively pain free for a couple of years, but recently I've been in a lot of pain and my family don't seem to care. They only care about their own pains and say that mine isn't as bad as theirs, but they don't know the pain I'm in. I used to care about any pain my family have, but not any more. I just don't care. Until they start showing me some care and consideration I'm going to be totally disinterested in their aches and pains. But I am frightened to go to doctor in case I end with an operation and I have no-one to look after my mam. Plus I find that when I get home I am so depressed that I find myself pouring a drink and I know I'm drinking more. I tried to explain to my brother that i can never go on the sick, neither can I have the holidays that they have every year, (they go away several times a year - some are only long weekends, but I don't even have that). Sorry - rant over.