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carers get no help from goverment!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Carers UK Forum

carers get no help from goverment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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just wanted to post a quick rant.i applied for direct payments for my nan who has worked all her life and built herself a nest egg.we was told that she would have to pay 80% of the funds herself !!!!!!! and when we asked what else we could do was told that if we was having trouble looking after her that a care home was the only option and pay for it with her house and the money she has worked all her life for.i have come to realise that the goverments mindset is get elederly people in homes and then take as much money as they can.
yes, this is very true and it is no just the old. these days anyone who needs help does not get it and if you do then your very lucky! we have to fight for everything you get and even then its like banging your head against a brick wall.
My father in law had to go into a ex-servicemens home, he was there for four years before he died, he wanted for nothing, and he actually saved money month by month. So it can be a bit random.
I'm seeing both sides of the fence at the moment, i'm a 24 / 7 carer for my 12 year old and my gran is also in a care home and has dementia. My gran went into the care home around 2 years ago and when she went in her savings had topped £65k ( money she and my grandad had worked hard for all their lives, well my grandad more but he passsed away many years ago ) to date we are now down to £23k, the care home takes ALL of money she receives and then takes more from her savings on top of that, it wasn't too bad in a way because we were of the mind that she would be able to retain the £23k or there abouts but then the government lowered that amount to £14k.
I am to say the least annoyed by it all, by the end of this year she will have paid £50k of her savings for her care in 3 years on top of the substantial incoming money she gets each month that the home takes. It's disgusting the way the system is, it basicly means you have to start planning when you are pretty young for what you are going to leave your children, grand children etcotherwise you are just going to work your fingers to the bone to make a living and then the system is going to take all your savings as well when you get old and need care.
It's all so so wrong!!!
i think theres so many very different carers stories so many differing needs,theres no way that really,any government could deliver services etc to meet all the varied needs of all carers and those they care for.