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discharged from hospital - hell

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Hi , my elderly dad was discharged from hospital 4 days ago (he was admitted following a fall, and stayed in 3 days). He has dementia, incontinence and mobility issues. he was discharged as he had no medical need - I was concerned his suddenly decreased mobility would cause difficulties on return home as my elderly mother isnt able to move/lift him. I raised these concerns and was informed of help that would be put in place to assist my mother.
He already has a stair lift to reach the only toilet in the home and can walk with a frame on level floor.
On arrival home , the ambulance staff took nearly an hour trying to help him into the house as there is a step up which he could not manage. He was eventually lifted in , in a wheel chair. Care was set up to help him get up in the morning, and help him get to bed at night.
I have just heard that he has not been able to get into bed the entire time he has been home and has been sleeping in a chair !! I am outraged and want to know how to complain and who to - not helped by the fact that this is weekend now ! Any advice very gratefully recieved
Ring the hospital and ask to speak to the Chief Executive's PA. Otherwise ask to speak to whoever is in charge of the entire place. Say you want to make a Formal Complaint about an UNSAFE DISCHARGE - be sure to use those exact words - and ask for readmission until a Continuing Healthcare Assessment has been completed and a proper Care Plan drawn up and put in place. Also speak to the PALS office (Patient Liason) and Social Services should have a "Duty Social Worker". Carers UK have done a leaflet about hospital discharge procedures - if you click on the "Help and Advice" tab above, it should lead you to all sorts of information. PS The carers who are supporting him should have reported the situation to their manager. Did this happen?
"dementia, incontinence and mobility issues. He was discharged as he had no medical need"
dementia, incontinence and mobility issues ARE all medical issues, and require fairly heavy caring support, ideally hi-care support in his own home, but if not, in a nursing home setting.
The carers uk info Bowlingbun refers to can be found here: https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... f-hospital

OMG !! mThe whole NHS needs a complets shake up !! Its awful. Complain to the ward sister, & everyone. Write to the newspapers. This is a sheer disgrace. Any one would think we lived in a third world country.!! As a Carer myself I know the feeling. Write also to the MP for southwest surrey ( Mr Jeremy Hunt) Good luck. regards Amanda
Copy all letters that you send to Jeremy Hunt and to Heidi Alexander, Shadow Minister for Health. Public shame and a massive shake-up needed!!!
Heidi's details:

Heidi Alexander MP
House of Commons

Parliamentary enquiries and issues relating to her role as Shadow Health Secretary: 020 7219 7099 or you can email her on: heidi@heidialexander.org.uk

Jeremy Hunt unfo can be found on: http://www.jeremyhunt.org/contact
This wretched story is so sad.I feel its a lack of communication.Jeremy Hunt should be able to help.regards Amanda