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Carers for turning up.

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My husband gets council carers twice a day to get himup, washed and dressed thenback to bed in the evening. They also see to his catheter although I do it during the day. We have a numerous occasions experienced no carer turning up and on phoning their manager I am told that they are short staffed and didn't have anyone to send. Falkirk council and Extended Personal Care workers who arentrained to deal with catheters, unfortunately they will not pay to train all their care workers to this level and we have had the situation of 2 non EPC workers coming in to get him to bed then having to wait until a separate EPC worker comes, could be an hour later. On monday night no carer came at all and when I phoned the department at 9o'clock at night to report this, I was told someone would phone me back. 9.30 I got a call from them to say "there has been a mix up" again and they would have to get someonee from another area to come at that it would be nearer 10 o'clock atnight before they could come. My husband had been sound asleep on top of his bed since 7.30 and I told her that I had no intention of allowing them to waken him up at that time of night in order to put him back to bed. I had to just cover his with a fleece and leave him on top of the bed with his clothes on ( I managed the
catheter myself). Next morning the fleece was on the floor and his legs and feet were like blocks of ice. To cut a long story short, I was really angry but decided to give them one more chance. Last night, no carer again. Thank goodness he was still wakened so I just popped him under the duvet, again dressed, butnat least he was warm,locked the door and went to bed. On phoning this morning I was told that because I refuse to have a certain care worker in our house as she is a lazy devil and I feel that Brian is at risk of a fall when she is supposidly supposed to be helping him out of bed and into the bathroom, then when she is on shift in our area, they don't havr anyone else to send because of council cut backs. I was advised by our other carers (lovely women and men who we get on great with) to complain to the Care Commission. I was so upset that I phoned them this morning. They were horrified to hear what had been said to me and assured me that they would look into it for me. Hopefully they can do something about this situation as it is causing me so much stress and I really can't handle it.
It's endemic, it was happening here all the time. We had to change companies and I did report to the CQC and social services. Friday nights were the worst, because they have them on zero hour contracts most of them decline to work Friday nights and because of the terms of their contracts, they are just as much within their rights to say nope because the care company make zero commitment to them too.

Care in the UK is a mess, a total mess.
Irene and Bracken,

What a nightmare. Definitely needs reporting to CQC for all the difference that seems to make (not.)

Makes you wonder about those living alone with no exhausted carer picking up the slack....

Seems like there needs to be a few test court cases, but since most carers are so bogged down with caring and broke, that would take joint effort. I remember in Birmingham a few years ago a group of disabled people & their families took Birmingham city council to court as they decided to only provide funding for those with critical care needs ( and not also those with substantial,) they won a reprieve. Just not sure against whom? The agencies or the councils or the government?!

You may want information about CQC standards of care. Here is the link to the information from CQC - Carers UK has worked with them to make sure carers know how to raise concerns about standards of care. https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... ds-and-cqc
Hi Gavin,
Next time CUK is in touch with CQC, can you raise the issue of services to those with learning difficulties please.
There is absolutely no requirement for registration unless you provide personal care, ie. wiping of bottoms. Many people with LD need support and guidance, and are hugely vulnerable to abuse, especially financial abuse. My sons new care agency are happy to support him by taking him out and about, but don't want to have anything to do with his money management. They don't want to use the money sheets designed to comply with My Money Matters either. This week, I found he'd over spent by 20% because staff hadn't written up expenditure. This is a really serious issue.
This morning's carer over an hour late, this evening's 40 minutes. No phone calls or messages, in fact I rang them this morning after 50 minutes and the owner seemed oblivious of the time!!!! She said tonight's call was still unallocated so that somebody turned up, is, in itself, a miracle.
That's why I don't use agency carers: I employ them directly using direct payments, and I pay them well. The other day I asked one one them if she could possibly work 5-10 instead of 1-6, so she could take my son to a Christmas Party, and she was happy to help. Agency staff don't have the same level of personal responsibility, flexibility and enthusiasm.
Direct payments wouldn't give sufficient to meet a run of the mill care company's hourly rates..... it's all very well if you have money to top that up I guess on top of your direct payments!
It sounds like your Direct Payments are not being calculated correctly. The assessment should work out what someone needs, cost that care and then give someone the option of the LA arranging that care, or you, on DP's.
We've never had a DP calculation done. Frankly we gave up meeting with them, they would sit here and waste our time, promise the earth, go back to their office and never be seen again. The turnover seems to be horrendous and they never hand the file over to anybody else it seems so you vanish into a black hole somewhere.

They knew our holiday date in September and were meant to arrange respite for it, they knew it in June...... nope, nothing. An entirely different SW rang the day before we were due to go and started waffling on about respite until I said well it is meant to start tomorrow..... oh, I didn't know anything about that, been on leave for 3 months..... Shrug, there is no hope, they are not interested once you have taken on the care, box ticked, big sigh of relief that their budget isn't going to be hammered and that's that.