Today the conservatives will talk about welfare reform / social care no doubt the carers of elderly / young disabled relatives will get the now customary pat on the back .

When they talk about the family its always parents (married) with young children they dont realise that the family is today more often than not an elderly parent being cared for by a son / daughter today the conservatives will announce tax breaks for married couples and health visitors for mothers of new born babies ( not sure if they have to be married ) they will also put preasure on single mothers to return to work when their child is of school age .

Last year the conservative former leader IIAN DUNCAN SMITH produced a report BROKEN BRITAIN the conservatives have often quoted from this report and it looks as though they have adopted many of his reccomendations however in this report he said that carers saved the N.H.S.some 80 billion pounds per year he said that carers allowance was far to low at £50 per week and in his report he asked for the carers allowance to be raised to £100 per week at a cost of 1 billion pounds per year (yes ne did cost it) this rise was to reflect not just the work that carers do but the amount of savings we make for the health service.
As we all know we have had 2 other reviews since the SMITH report and both of them reccomended that the carers allowance be raised in fact the Department of Works & Pensions select committee said it should be raised as a matter of urgency.
Governments response put carers onto J.S.A. and thats it even the conservatives have kept clear of the carers allowance debate and as we know they have even offered support to the welfare reform green paper which aim`s to put carers onto J.S.A.

we as carers will get nothing at all we may as well look forward to J.S.A iam annoyed that we as carers work a minimum of 35 hours per week to get our benefit yet if others on J.S.A. fail to look for work they will be punished by being "FORCED" to work for their benefit to me that means we as carers are being punished hear right now .