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carers concerns

Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 10:00 pm
by jane_17121234567
hi everyone ,my mum is 86 and has alzheimers and mixed dementia,also no mobility due to arthritis.i have just received an email from our care company saying they are concerned about mums hand to mouth coordination,and what do i want them to do going forward to help mum.mum has been having diarrhea on and off just lately and hasnt had much appetite.i dont really know what to say,apart from carry on encouraging mum to eat her snacks that i leave for her at lunchtimes.any suggestions gratefully received .jane .

Re: carers concerns

Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2019 7:53 pm
by Elaine
Hi Jane,
What I would have done when looking after my own Mum is call the company and ask them to explain in more detail. Have you noticed anything yourself when Mum is eating when you are present, apart from lack of appetite? I would ask them for their suggestions as to how they think they should help. Do the carers spoon feed Mum? 'm not sure whether they need permission to do that?
Are they saying that it's very hit and miss and Mum gets in a mess (rather like a toddler in a high chair), or is she refusing the food, or getting frustrated because she cannot find her mouth. Maybe she is having difficulty chewing or swallowing.
I would then ask for two sample containers from her GP surgery and ask them to test for infection in her urine or faeces. Does she wear false teeth? Is her mouth sore?
Is your mum still drinking? When my mother gave up on eating a good friend suggested 'Complan' (spelling?) and a feeder cup which was a great help at the time. There are other nutritious drinks, the names of which I can't recall. I also found the tubs of ready made custard went down well.
It's really hard when your caree isn't eating as much as you'd like, but perhaps liquid foods will do the trick?

Kind regards