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Carers Charter required

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There needs to Be a New Carers Charter enacted, I believe?

At the point of diagnosis. Of a medical condition, the Doctor or midwife needs to inform quire clearly those involved of the diagnosis and the prognosis.
I absolutely agree, because the GP is the one person who sees a patient and knows roughly what is required. I know that 40 years ago, GP's would routinely send referrals to Social Services, but does this still happen?
My observations indicate that Social Services ignore many referrals, or they select those which they think are most urgent.
But they make so many errors
Our Gp saw Robert a handful of times in his 31 years! In fact the gp who referred Robert to the hospital with his pancreatitis had never met him! When I told the gp we were desperate for help she asked us well what did we expect her to do about it? My GP did not accept that i am a manifesting carrier suffering severe symptoms of dmd. Females don't get dmd was his comment and that was that. It is rare but yes I know of at least 3 little girls who have the full blown dmd the way Robert had and I know more than a few women who are manifesting carriers!

Originally from CarerWatch in 2008 , posted on Carers UK 10 Dec 2016 :

http://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-camp ... er#p342781
A Carers' Charter ?

Campaigning for carers' rights in this society is not easy, Carers are usually seen as a mixture of the deserving and the undeserving poor. Of course, carers and caring situations do vary somewhat. The apparatus of state and charity organisations is there to organise, contain and control the situation. Carers are nourished, advised, scolded, encouraged, discouraged, placated and told how wonderful they are in their dedicated incarceration. They are serious charity cases. They deserve their pathetic allowances. Well, the deserving ones do. The others are well........

What they are not is employees recognised as authentic workers, doing an essential job which the state would have to pay for if they were not there to do it. It's true that their exploitation is partly of their own making. These are decent people who can't just walk away from the often desperate needs of their much loved carees. Is their inherent decency a good reason to exploit them ?

Carers organisations, like Carer Watch, are there to demand and campaign for the rights of carers. They are indeed authentic workers. Just like other workers they need a trade union to represent their interests. Unfortunately, the official trade union movement seems very reluctant to recognise their status. There has to be a reason for that. They need a wage based on the work they do. Let's have an end to the farce of allowances. The terms and conditions of employment of carers should be freely negotiated in a formal collective bargaining situation, just like other workers.

Our society owes much to the brave sacrifices of the historic Chartist Movement who fought so hard to establish many of the democratic rights we all enjoy today. The pathetic creeps of New Labour, of course, no longer value the struggles on which our movement was built. Is it now time to establish a charter of rights for carers ? A basis on which the carers' movement, divided and weak as it is, can come together and campaign for the recognition and rights which carers so richly deserve ?
These days I think it is the Police who make a lot of referrals to SS
Here the initial assessment is done over the phone, and only if you pass that do you go to the next level for a home assessment. I would imagine this way too many slip through the net.
You can self refer as well as via GP and other professional bodies.