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Carers card

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Is there such a thing as a carers card to prove that I am a full time carer? Any links would be gratefully recieved
Basically there is no nationally recognised Carers card.

Some Local Authorities do produce such a card, but it's mostly intended to identify the fact that there is someone at home alone and needing care if you were to be involved in an accident. You would need to check with your own LA to see if they are one of the few.

If you require the card to obtain reduced/free entry to venues such as cinemas and tourist attractions (whilst accompanying your caree) most places will accept sight of a copy of the letter confirming you receive Carers Allowance. The same document would identify you as a Carer to your GP and other Health professionals.
One that , periodically resurfaces every so often.

To kick off , some previous threads :

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The last link may be dead as it came from a section of the forum now removed from " General " observation.

In essence , one of those " Essentials " that has been muted ever since forums for carers sprung up on the Internet ... that pushes us back to 2004 and the first one operated by the , then , Princess Royal Trust for Carers.

Suffice to say , one for BOTH our supporting organisations to jointly deliver.

Combine that Card with a free travel for carer element ( Even free prescriptions ) and ... we can all start to move forward as opposed to being stuck in the sand ( Quicksand for many ! ) for more than two decades !
Hi Michael, who do you care for? Does he/she have a Blue Badge or Companion bus pass, or any disability benefits?