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Carers breaks and opportunities

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I recently applied (first time) to the carers centre for £500 grant for a break as I care for my disabled son (for 25 years) , only to be told that they are awaiting funding and will contact me when it becomes available. They haven't. However, I have just read this on their website....

Changes to the Carers Breaks and Opportunities Scheme

Carers of Adults (over the age of 18)

Applications to the scheme will now only be available following a carer's assessment as part of the Care Act 2014. The introduction of the Care Act 2014 and the need to meet statutory requirements in support of carers under this act has necessitated this change.

Good god, more stress, more paper work, more meetings, more work for already over worked social workers....
Can you imagine saying to my sons social worker, oh by the way, I want a carers assessment so I can get a £ 500 grant for a break. I don't want to be seen as a 'anything for nothing' person, but the hoops you have to jump through to get this grant is so off putting I don't think I'll bother. I am sick and tired of fighting for everything.

I'm hoping I've got this all wrong (but I doubt it). Does anyone else know anything about this or any other changes which affect carers implemented in the care act 2014.

Take care
Hi Lesley, welcome to the forum. I have a 36 son with SLD. You should have regular Carers Assessments, and your son should have regular Needs Assessments (sometimes called Care Reviews) to make sure you are getting all the help you need. Your Carers Assessment should make sure that you know about everything in your area which might help or support you, it should also make sure you get regular "me" time. I meet so many people who don't know that their adult son/daughter with SLD is totally exempt from Council Tax, I now check with most people new to the forum that they are aware of this.
hi I had my assessment done a couple of weeks ago! And was told that the £500 is a one off payment! But another person who called round today said its a yearly think GPS do. We could do with a break as I am getting over a hip replacement! There is not much help for us carers! Regards Amanda h
I believe it's yearly, however my understanding was that you applied to your local carers centre. Don't know about gp but would be interested to know.

Bowling bun - believe it or not, I suffer from severe rheumatoid arthritis and really struggle to care for my son, hubby and other children are invaluable. When I asked my sons social worker recently about a carers assessment and would I benefit he offered no reason why I should have one and didn't discuss how I could benefit from one. I am sick to death of fighting, stressing and asking for. After 5 years of no respite, (social worker said there was no places, which proved to be a lie) I asked for two nights a month and one week in the summer (31). I got two weeks. Again I asked for it be be increased to 2 nights a month and one week in summer. I was given 21. My son is finishing college this week and starting a local day centre 2 days a week. However they have stopped his 6 hours a week pa (which only started 6 weeks ago) as apparently he can't have 2 days at a day centre and a pa. It's so frustrating and tiresome. After 25 years it just doesn't get any easier and I've gave up the fight. I suppose I should be happy with what he's got. Oh and by the way, we pay 30 a week for these services from his benefits, my family think we get so well 'paid' for having a severely disabled son, it seems like it's soooo begrudged. I've been told by my 'lovely' sister that I'm a disgrace, I get thousands for my son.... Btw, he had five holidays abroad last year, computer, games consoles, etc etc. I can't even claim carers allowance as I claim esa. Ha, that's another story.....
Anyway, I could go on and on, especially about families. So quick to criticise and cause undue stress, anxiety and trouble but NEVER help out. My sister is sooo jealous (????) because i have a nice bungalow (with mortgage lol), holidays and a fab hubby and children (she doesn't) every now and then she launches into what I can only call a 'hate campaign' bombarding me with phone calls, message etc and telling all and sundry what a terrible person I am. She does this often while I'm on holiday just to spoil my holiday. In fact she's just done it again a few weeks ago on my birthday in egypt. She really does have mental health problems and will stop at nothing to upset me. She had threatened to phone social services because " I lock my son in a cage in his bedroom...... Blah blah....." Again while I was on holiday but my son was at home being perfectly well looked after by his siblings.
If I was such a terrible person wouldn't my sons many social workers have picked up on it by now lol. I've blocked her and changed phone number but because she is so sly and devious she always finds a way.
I could write a book about my family, especially my mother.
Is it any wonder I don't bother with them.
Anyway, sorry rant over.
Thanks for reading
Lesley xx
Why should carers get £500 handed to them for sod all when some disabled people can't even get respite? My husband and I get sod all as 24/7 carers and couldn't take a break as there is no where for son to go!

Phone 0808 808 7777 (10 am - 4pm)


Hi Lesley,

I am no expert but suggest you speak to those who are, ie Carers UK Adviceline on the number above. Easier to email probably and they will get back to you.

Eun, you are in a terrible situation, although Lesley's doesn't sound any picnic either, but that doesn't mean other carers shouldn't get any respite they can.

As for your relatives, Lesley, most of us can write a book about them. I have an aunt, ie mum's sister, who sounds very similar :twisted:

Hope you can get a break,
Your response is exactly the reason why many carers do not ask for support, for fear of being accused of getting something for nothing or which they do not deserve. Scrounges I believe the term is.
I too get "sod all" being a carer and it took me 5 year to get respite.
If being given £500 for help towards a break for the carer doing "sod all"( even though I have cared for my son for 25 years without carers allowance) offends you so much, then I suggest that you don't apply for it. However, for many others desperate carers, this grant will provide a much needed break which will enable them to recharge their batteries, with or without the caree.
As a carer I find your attitude offensive and down right rude. This forum is supposed to offer support and guidance, your response has left me angry and totally baffled as to why you say carers do sod all. I, with my own disability, have looked after my severely disabled son with very little support. Do you really begrudge me (or any other carer for that matter) £500 for 25 years unpaid caring. But yes, I suppose you do. Why??? Isn't our job hard enough?
It's such a shame that your attitude will inevitably put people off posting on this forum for fear of being shot down for something they are perfectly entitled to say and do! I will in future be very wary of posting again on here.
However, Thankyou to the others who have responded positively.
Lesley, Eun is in the most awful situation. She and her family have tried and tried and tried to get help, to no avail. Personally, I think it's an absolute disgrace, and I'd like to see Carers UK taking her situation up as a test case. If I was in her shoes, I'd respond in the same way.
Like I said, thanks for your support !
Bowling bun, Thankyou for your pm. I have sent a reply.