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Hi guys Image

I didn't know if there was already a thread on blogs but I thought I'd drop in and share mine! It's been going since Feb and I've had some great feedback. It's an anecdotal account of my scrapes as a carer...lots of swearing and a few jokes!

If you have a blog or know of some good ones...link them here!


Ive read the blog and its very entertaining (Ive also signed your campain BTW) and I am sorry for your loss, but there is one thing I must point out
"but now I'm not a carer, I feel like I've been kicked out of the Carers Club. Even carers on the Carers forum I'm part of don't want to know. I went on to introduce myself and nobody will speak to me;"
Both of your threads have had replies, but I admit that it takes time to get known. Try posting on other threads and pop into roll call - thats the best way to get to know other posters and to get known.
Aw, thank you! It's not this forum my lovely, just an unofficial carers thread I was part of but have since left because it was a bit rubbish! :p

Hi Amy,

You will make some good virtual friends here, just pop into roll call and you will never feel lonely. I don`t always make it round the forum topics, but try to get onto roll call most days.xx
Hi Amy, Im glad its not this forum that made you feel snubbed, though Im sorry that any forum has done that. This the friendliest forum that I have found - and Ive posted on quite a few Image
As poppett says, most of us can be found on roll call, do join in whenever you like.
And as I missed your initial introduction, a warm welcome here.
Aw thank you loves Image This is the friendliest forum I've come across thus far! I've been signed up for a while and affiliated with Carers UK for longer but only recently popped my head up to say hi!

Hope you're all as well as you can be Image

Hi Amy, just wanted to say I love your blog. I stayed up later than i intended because I was reading it!

very best wishes

Thank you so much! Although I hope I've not made you too sleepy!!