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Why has Take a Break done this? - Carers UK Forum

Why has Take a Break done this?

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They have done an article this week called "Smile youre on Cheat TV" about benefit cheats. These people were prosecuted and found guilty so fair enough. But in the case of George Nuttall and his wife Julie who were also found guilty they have made a very inaccurate comment. Their exact words are " His wife was GIVEN a Motability car"!!!!!!!!!
NO ONE is given a Motability car. They have to pay for it with their mobility component of their DLA. What a very irresponsible comment from a magazine which we have been led to believe supports carers and the disabled.
According to Press Gazette they have recently had a change of editor. Now either her proofreading and fact checking leaves a lot to be desired or shes getting tips from the Daily Mail. Horror of horrors they might even be taking it in a totally different direction. It certainly seems like it to me. Sorry but i am disgusted.
To be honest though i dont normally buy Take a Break. My fave mag is a glossy monthly called Red which i get every month. I also occasionally buy Psychologies another monthly which i find a very intelligent read.
I just like Take a Break for the animal stories. Feel really disappointed and disheartened with Take a Break now though. I have posted this in General Discussion instead of the news section because i thought more of you might see it that way.
I think people consider that it isn't the recipients money in the first place, ie government give mobility money and recipient exchanges it for shiny new car. The thing is everyone is up in arms about the panorama programme but it's reporting like this that helps build resentment over the disabled in the first place.
I'm still waiting for daily reports on individual tax evaders having their day in court.
I find magazines change wording to suit themselves! I was once in TAB and the reporter read my interview back to me but when it was publlished she had got loads of stuff wrong!
I was approached to do an interview with the News Of The World magazine last month and at the last minute I dropped out as I didnt feel comfortable with the questions they asked, they got really nasty with me when I said sorry but no and upped the fee twice, we need the cash but some things are more important than money
Firstly, well done you, Nilla! Image
Secondly, I saw the article and thought ok, there are (was it three or four) people who are cheating....what about doing an article on the true people who claim?
The other thing is that people aren't given a car- they need to have a deposit first...
grrrrrrr........I'm not reading any more of this sort of story! lol
I have already decided not to buy Take a Break again. Im willing to bet that a lot of their readers are disabled or carers or older people so i do think they have shot themselves in the foot with this. Im sure i wont be the only one who has made this decision.