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Carers attending at your home

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Sounds a total nightmare Littlerachet for you and your OH.

Hope you get some advice on here. Perhaps you should ring the helpline too. The "care" your OH is getting is causing you more stress than help or benefit and it sounds like is having a negative affect on your OH too.

Hi Rosemary
Mom has had carers for 2 years and they are a mixed bunch! Some of them are great with mom, but most of them just want to get in and out as quickly as possible. Mom has 2 carers 4 times a day and they are paid for 30 minutes (45 in the morning), however even when I am there, they NEVER stay longer than 15 minutes max.
The word hygiene is not in their vocabulary! Mom is bedbound and her over bed table is always sticky with spilt drink and food until I clean it. After being washed, her cutlery and crockery is still dirty ( I certainly wouldnt want to eat off it!). The times of their visits change drastically every day as well. Yesterday the lunch call was at 1.30 (should be 12 - 12.30) and the tea call was at 3 (should be 3.30 - 4) So she had lunch at 1.30 and only 1and a half hours later was expected to eat her next meal!
I have had to complain several times about carers taking the mickey and laughing at mom in front of her as if she wasnt there and upsetting her, when she says something a bit strange due to her dementia. They also use her dementia to get out of doing some things. Mom is supposed to be put on the commode at least once a day (the rest of the time she is in incontinence pads). She usually goes a week without being put on the commode, and the carers say she refused to use it. However whenever I am there and ask mom if she would like to use the commode she is always desperate to use it! We put something in the bottom of the commode once to see if it was moved, and although moms folder said she had been put on the commode 5 times in a week, the item we placed in the bottom of the commode had never been moved!
The carers also frequently prepare moms food in the kitchen and then take it in to her without ever asking her what she wants to eat.
The problem is that the carers change often, so even though we go through complaining and getting things put right, as soon as new carers come, we have to start all over again (and they NEVER read moms schedule and likes and dislikes in her care folder.)
I have come to the conclusion that these are the best of a bad bunch!