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Getting a diagnosis

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Anybody has faced a similar situation or is able to give advice: My SO had meningitis and brain hemorrage as a child, among other things was in coma for two weeks (I have gotten confirmation from Headway charity that these are consider brain injury) the problem is he lost and has gotten rid of most of his medical records with all the moving he has done and little support he's had till reacenly...so there is nowhere that says the words "brain injury" in the few medical papers he holds, they just talk about the epilepsy and hemiplejia he now suffers. How can I get a diagnosis? He struggles with a whole set of issues and needs lots of reasurrance an support...I feel ignored and unlistened to!!. Headway says they can't help as this thing happen years ago, so their neuropsicologist can't test him, gps: some say he looks fine and should get a job, finally one referred him for a mental ass. and hes been waiting for months, he got asses by a social worker but he says his dissabilitis are only physical because there is nothing about "head injury in his medical records"...please were do I go from here? He is in Job seekers and recieves help from a charity but he is very stressed as they keep setting up interviews for him to go but they all reject him. It all feels wrong, at home he is driving me crazy with his memory issues (losing papers, missing app., throwing stuff, hes moody and can get agressive, I can't leave the kids with him as he stresses, loud noise bothers him...I could go on, I am very frusstrated, professionals keep saying he needs to get help for himself (that's a good one, everytime they ask him how he is he says "fine" or "normal") or tell me to see my gp for support (already done...I refuse to be on pills forever!). Hope someone can help, thanks
the NHS will have copies of his medical notes. You can write to the NHSand ask for copies of appropriatge documents, or evidence from Drs who have seen him.
Good luck.
Hi, thanks for the reply...he's only lived i England for 3 years...so not much records here. He is dutch but his relatives don't want to help getting his medical dossier, saying it was a long time ago and they are most surely not valid. I wonder why everyone thinks the problems are no longer there because it was years ago. When living in France he got high grade of incapacity benefit...but he threw all those papers,ggrrr traying to start thing here is getting me nowhere and he on the other hand seems to be getting worse