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Actually, I am still struggling with the concept of a family member looking after another family member "on behalf of the State", this would imply that a citizen's primary relationship is with the State, not with family and friends, and that the State has primary responsibility for us, neither of which is the case. I care for many reasons and whilst it is work, hard work, it is in no sense of the word of a job, and most certainly not a job which I carry out on behalf of the State, but something which I choose to do. And I wonder what society we would have if we no longer had a sense of mutual responsibility towards family, friends and our fellow citizens but handed that responsibility to the State and only acted in the interests of others through a contract of employment, it is not a society which I would choose to live in.
Surely if means-testing was abolished, as George appears to suggest that it should be, everyone would receive free housing, free care, etc. even if they could afford to pay for it themselves, including millionaires, which begs the question who would pay for it, after all liability to pay Income Tax is calculated based on income which is a form of means-testing so no-one would be liable for Income Tax either Image .
If means testing was abolished then no-one would pay for anything........just the state would pay. And just where would the state get this money? From the tax payer, of course..............you and me. Because taxation, direct or indirect is how the the government has the funds (presuming they haven't squandered quite all of them) to run the country.

Are you really advocating that we should fund for the rich to put their mother/father/brother/sister/spouse/son/daughter into care while they swan off around the world?

Means testing may not be ideal, some people will always feel aggrieved by it, but it is the fairest method we have.
And the military covenant is fine.........as far as it goes, but not all carers will benefit from it. Whilst I do not begrudge any carer and caree any help they can get, I still do not see why one group (for want of a better word) should be more entitled than another group under just as difficult circumstances.
I must confess that I am totally bemused by the idea that someone could feel aggrieved because they are not sufficiently poor to be entitled to means-tested benefits or to free services, I would have thought that a reasonable income and financial security would be something to which most people aspire and not a source of dissatisfaction.
i dont begrudge anyone at all my whole argument is the state should help the carers ..we are reminded day after day that we have some 6 million carers??? about 500-000 who class themselves as 24/7 carers and as a group we save the N.H.S / Local authority 88 billion quid each and every year ??... some of us are lucky enought to receive the carers allowance and some other benefits . we hear from the government the usual stuff re carers needing help and support .... all i am asking for is that carers should be given time off surely that aint to much to ask is it ..just a few weeks respite per year free many of us wont even use it but as i have said beofre it is the principal we should be supported financially for our respite ..once again why should we pay from our own incomes money to give oureselves a break ...say what you like we do work for our allowance and we should be entitled to a few weeks off now and again..if we dont get the help we need many will just burn themselves out ...

we do not have any responsibility to care for a family member at all it is the states responsibility to do so .."from the cradle to the grave" .. many families have their own lives to live some elderly may not even have a family to offer help and support , those of them who do have a family member will care because they love their parents or children and many like me became carers not just for love but because the state could not even provide good quality rest / care homes that in our opinion was suitable for our needs ..and as i have said before the C.Q.C. have proved beyond doubt that the residential care system is not fit for purpose ...
George, the State does provide for your mother, it provides her with her war pensions, etc., with free healthcare and with free housing, it provides sufficiently well for her not to be entitled to free social care.

The State also provides for you, it provides you with free healthcare, with Carers Allowance on top of your occupational pensions, pensions which exceed the level at which CA is withdrawn for those who work or are on other benefits and the State Retirement Pension, and with subsidised housing.

How much more do you believe that the State, i.e. the taxpayer, and every member of this board is a taxpayer through direct and/or indirect taxation, owes people who can afford to pay for certain means-tested services? The size of the cake is not infinite, if people who can but do not want to pay for services have a bigger slice it has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is either by increasing the taxes on people who may be financially worse off than those could afford to pay in order to make the cake larger or by cutting the existing cake into more slices to accommodate them so that everyone who needs rather than wants a slice has a smaller slice and some receive only the crumbs. And please remember that the government is reducing the size of the cake and those who are least able to pay are already those who will worst effected.
OH DEAR ME ... Her war widows pension and war disabled pensions are 2 pensions she would rather not have ... can i remind you that even though she was able to work during her lifetime and paid full N.I. because of overlaping benefits her own state pension is reduced to £30 per week.and the war widows and war disabled pensions , like D.L.A. are not a benefit for care .. the only part of the war disabled pension set aside for care is the constant attendance allowance and the war pensioners mobility supplement which we use for a motability car ..
you have still not answered the question - at what level do we start to pay for all our care can we earn £100 £200 £300 per week before we have to pay ..and i am not talking or social care ie rest/care homes ..if in the future i cant provide good care for her she will have no option but to enter residential social care ...unless the Dilnot report caps the board and lodgings at the £200 which he recommends ..we will have an anomly people with savings of £100-000 and just the state pension will have some of their care paid for by the state ...yet someone with no savings but a large pension will have to pay for everything ....

my whole argument which you fail to understand is that we as carers should be supported by the state they do indeed owe us at least 4 weeks off per year and as i have said dozens of times why should we pay from our own income to have a break and recharge our batteries ...you again dont mention the savings we as carers make for the N.H.S. & Loacal Authority 88 billion quid per year ...
In 1939 she joined the A.T.S. ( underage big fib) after training she was stationed in London,Wellington Barracks, birdcage walk - she was with the heavy anti aircraft ack ack Brigade of Guards -- on Green Park ..when the Guards Chapel next to the Baracks were bombed she was burried under the rubble for 36 hours ..she then spent some 10 months in sick bay and after 2 months leave she returned to full duty but becasue of the threat to London the A.T.S. were moved to Windsor, Victoria barracks ...for your tomorrow we gave our today.. we dont just have veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan we still have thousands of walking memorials from as far back as WW2 ...
Back to the title of this discussion.
I am having a Carers Assessment tomorrow. It was offered last week, but I was too busy caring!It is not the Carers Assessment team, but Ben's Social Worker, she is very experienced though,and I know what I hope to achieve from it.

I am new to all of this as I have just started looking after my wife.
I was thinking of getting a Carers Assessment so that maybe I could get some help or guidance.
Could anyone give me any advice on what to expect and the emotions that I might experience.
I have to be honest I am finding it hard to cope with my mood swings,things that I would never have found difficult to cope with I am now finding hard.
My wife suffers from COPD and I suffer from chronic heart decease and sometime find it hard to give my wife the care I think she needs which makes me feel very guilty. I don't know if this is wrong or only to be expected.
Sorry if I am rambling on a little but I have so many questions and really don't know where to start. So I will leave it for now and maybe get my head round things and hopefully be better prepared the next time I get on here.
Best wishes to you all
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