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Carers Assessments

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George, don't let the title of the act fool you: it applies to all carers in that they cannot be charged for a service that is not for them - and that is defined by the manner of service.

If the service is to bring in a cleaner to take the load off you a bit, then you would be charged on your income.

If the service provides personal care for the person you care for, it's legally their service and they are charged for it.

Couples' income should usually be taken separately because of this and in fact that is where we come across more disputes. But sometimes it works out better to take the joint income...depends on the circumstances. Where they are not a couple, their income cannot be taken jointly.
[quote]I get very confused over the whole issue of repsite and had been hoping that the carers assessment might address this.

After the events of last year, Steven does not want to go back to the respite venue he used to go to (and from where he was removed to be taken to the positive behaviour unit). I have been told that as the council has this in-house facility they would not consider any other option for respite.

However, as a temporary measure they have agreed to pay for one of his carers to do an overnight at our house once a fortnight, which will enable me to go out and the carer cant take charge of bedtimes and showering the following morning. It has been working like a dream.

I have asked for two things]

I am in a similar position to you - my son cannot access the LA respite unit. Instead, he gets in-home support for one weekend every month enabling me to get a break. The support is provided through the Adult Placement Service who have assessed and trained a worker chosen by me for the job. It is working well.

Also, I get an evening (4 hours) out each week (in theory) while a Community Support worker supports my son at home. When I get home my son is already in bed, which is bliss for me!

Both these services were a direct result of my carer's assessments.

(And both services are paid for as a part of my son's care package)
Off we go again ..i now have 2 private pensions and 1 occupational pension therefore i am now ok financially ... but just over 12 months ago my income was carers allowance £52 per week and my occupational pension of £130 per week which i paid for out of my earnings when working .. because of my income i pay my half of the council tax and my half of the rent + i am liable for my share of the utility bills yet when ever i asked for financial help re other benefits no joy as they say my income was to high for the likes of income support or other benefits .. but the whole argument is why should my mother pay for me to have a break it is just not right at all, simple as that ..as far as i am concerned the state should care for the carers we all know what the outcome can be if carers dont get respite breaks or even the odd day off ..i have managed over the years but what of others .. look at the DILNOT report he wants the savings limit raised to £100-000 before they pay for residential social care ..yet if someone has a good pension they have to pay for the likes of a few weeks respite...all means testing is wrong as far as i am concerned, many elderly with good pensions be they private or war related are unable to save, my mother cant , she has no savings does not own a home her income is spent on day to day living if we do have something special to do we have to try our best we dont use credit cards ..therefore to ask someone to pay £800 £900 to give the person that looks after them on behalf of the state a one weeks break is wrong ... we as carers save the state billions and we deserve to be rewarded for what we do ... if my mother was in a care / rest home even if they removed her pensions they would still have to find at least £1-800 per month for her care , however as her carer i am saving the local authority at least £1-800 per month and they want her to pay to give me a break ...
the posh hotel was tounge in cheek ..
But, as we have discussed before, if those who can afford to pay are not willing to pay, the funds, which are not infinite, will need to be allocated to fewer people who cannot afford to pay and who currently recieve free or part-funded respite in order to meet the demand for free care from those who can afford to pay. Is this what you want? Free care at the expense of poorer people who are equally or more in need of care and/or respite than people like you and your mother who have been assessed as able to afford these services? If not, how exactly do you think that this free care for all, whatever their ability to pay, is going to be funded?
[Likewise, my own care might come into play in due course. Sorry kids, inheritance gone ...thats life. However, if me and your step dad kick the bucket fairly soon, there will be something left ...to compensate for the years i worked full time. Its all a gamble George.]quote, Audrey.

No amount of money could make up for missing my Mum and Dad, Audrey.I wish I could ask Dad just one more question about the ways of the world,and that I could go shopping with Mum one more time,trying on posh hats and laughing at each other.I'm sure that after your day, your children will feel the same. xx
I can see that as the Old Doll has a decent pension in her own right, she can probably afford to take a break from time to time in a nice seaside hotel/home or whatever. We used to pop my FIL off to the limbless ex-servicemen's home for a few weeks up in Crieff when we needed a break, it wasn't very expensive but it was very comfortable, and the Veterans Agency paid in full for the first four weeks a year anyway. But that was just for a break from heavy caring, if I needed a holiday with my kids or wife, I would expect to pay for that myself. There is a difference!


Am I happy tonight? Ask me when I have done the last coat of varnish on the kitchen floor ....
I look after my old man 'cos I love him, not because the state expects me to, it's my choice, freely and happily (well I'd rather have not had to choose in the first place, but you know what I mean) made.
I don't expect my children to look after my oh if anything happens to me, or me if I should need it. It would be their choice.

Similarly, if I need a break, my oh would have to go into respite. It would be for HIS care, paid for by him (us) if his income was deemed high enough for him to pay. He is not an ex-serviceman (unless you count the TA) so he doesn't get 4 free weeks.
I would get a break as I would no longer be doing the caring for the time he was away. It would be a break from the heavy caring if I just stayed at home and spent the time on me. But if I wanted it to go on holiday, I'd expect to pay for the holiday. And no, we neither of us get pensions, state or otherwise.

The people who can pay should pay, the pot is not inexhaustable and should be for those who either cannot pay at all or only part pay. If those who can don't/won't pay then everbody loses.
I care for my husband because I love him,and he loves me. It is his disabilities that drive us crazy. We both suffer from them, although in different ways.The thing I miss most of all, is holding hands as we are walking. He holds my arm for guidance, but that is not the same.
Even if we go away, I am still a Carer for him. We went away a couple of years ago,stayed in Cardiff for a couple of days,and it was the best time I had had for years. Most of Wales does NOT have good public transport, so I always have to drive. In Cardiff, we could just get on the bus and go wherever we wanted to go.Even with the rest of the caring,and having to think for my husband while we were walking, then it was a holiday.That holiday came about because I dug my heels in, at my Carers Assessment until I got what I wanted and needed, not to be oncall for my son while we were away.We had our rail fares paid,from home to Cardiff, but the most important thing to me was that our son was cared for by a person we knew would treat him properly(his sister),and she was paid through direct payments, with our son's income contributing a third of the cost.

PS, I love my son too,and that is the reason I care for him.
as many of you are in favour of means tested benefits i am sure you must have a view as to when we start to pay for services .. is it £100 , £200 , £300 income per week ? just tell me when we should start to pay .. i have informed you all before the veterans agency do or should provide 4 weeks respite care per year free for nowt gratis ... but the 4 weeks can only be accessed if the veterans full time carer ..thats me by the way.. is either ill or hospitalised silly me i thought the respite was to give me a break ..and the reason for caring way back in 1997 we could not find a decent suitable care / rest home ..and from what we see via reports from C.Q.C. very little has changed ...and the DILNOT report does very little for carers .. it will or may allow the home owner or the rather rich elderly person ..who as far as many of you are concerned should be paying for all their own care ..will pay for their care from their savings assets above £100-000 but this £100-000 limit is for the health care element only the "board and lodgings" will still have to be paid for in full from their assets and the level may or may not be £100-000 ..he has suggested that the government put a cap on the "board and lodgings" of £200 per week most pensioners on basic state pension would have the shortfall of board and lodgings paid for by the state..those with private pensions or war related pensions ..war disabled / war widows would be better off if such a cap was set in place as most will have a pension over £200 per week ... do you not agree that the elderly who have children grandchildren and even great grandchildren should be able to spend some of their hard earned cash on them .. i did not want to mention this as i know how many of you will respond but along with many wo have served King / Queen and country and have had their health ruined be they police , fire , paramedics or serviicemen deserve support - the military covenent looks really good from what i have seen up to now which may include extra help for carers of veterans ...and as carers yourselves i am sure you will welcome this extra support ..
my son has to give up ALL of his income if he goes for respite care. All people with learning disabilities in Pembrokeshire do,although Welsh Assembly is trying to change this.
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