What about the other's?.

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I see the government are going to get people off benefit's and get them back to work.
Single mother's and people on Incapacity benefit's.
They say there are six million people on benefit's that could be working they tell us there are half a million job's out there what about the other Five and half million people where are they going to get a job?.
When it suited the government to keep unemployment figures down they did not discourage Doctor's who were putting people on benefit's now it's not good policy.
They now want to appear to be to hard on so called scrounger's there word's not mine.
Hi John, I recall that miners and many others went on the sick in regiments to keep the dole figures down when Thatcher decimated industry. Deliberate statistical manipulation, (nothing new about spin). I have a thread running on Practical tips .. working carers, where modern problems of Welfare Reform are being discussed currently.
best wishes normangardner