carers assessment, waste of time?

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hi charles have you looked at my last message on power of attorney, I need help desperately Image Thanks for your reply will contact social worker Image
Hi! I'd better keep this short, as it is my first post, & things might go wrong!

I had a Carer's Assessment recently. It was conducted over the phone, which wasn't good for me, as I find this sort of discussion hard - it is better to be face-to-face! I don't feel I said the right things. I have not yet heard back from her, & it was a few weeks ago now. When I met our local person from Carers UK it was so much more of a positive experience, as I could respond better to someone sitting with me.

I know what you mean about jumping through hoops. We had an Occupational Therapy person here, looking at how they could help my husband. She drew up plans for a shower unit, and we had someone down to help fill in the form for a grant. All turned down because I work!! So the whole thing was a waste of everyone's time.

We are trying to get Attendance Allowance, but I don't hold out too much hope, even though we had help from the CAB with filling in the form.

Carers know what they need but social services tell you you cannot have some or all of it because of funding. If the government had to provide all the care for people that needed it without the help of unpaid carers they would be spending at least £52,000 a year on their care and accomadation compared to the £2400 the give as carers allowance now, the government get off very lightly.