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Waiting for 2nd ambulance today - Carers UK Forum

Waiting for 2nd ambulance today

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Woke up and found Dad stuck half off the bed and unable to move this morning with cronic back pain. Paramedics left him at home.
He called me downstairs at lunch time and I found him on the kitchen floor fallen over. Called them an hour ago and was told they have a lot of life and death cases at the moment but they will send one when they can, still waiting......
Well done. I thought two 999s in two days was enough, but two in a day is impressive. What's the chance of getting the same paramedics back?
I remember those days - sending hugs.
Hi Juggler
I have a feeling of Deja vu, I think I managed a day with 2 x 999 calls last April.
Second one arrived- just one crew in a response car and he has left Dad here again- watch this space.
(((HUGS))) Henrietta, is this just bad luck, or do you think something has happened? Does dad have arthritis or similar in his back?
Dad has Osteoperosis and fractured vertebrae in his spine. The paramedic showed me today it is also a curious S shape if you stand directly behind him face on if you see what I mean plus very curved and bent over at the neck. Dad used to be nearly 6 foot and is now a good head shorter than me so probably about 5 foot- just imagine a wibbly corkscrew. Poor Dad has had bouts of disabling pain on and off for years but we have had a good few months since last hospital discharge in July.
Have they investigated at the Falls Clinic? If not, ask your GP for a referral ASAP.
It was eventually the number of falls that my dad suffered that led to him going into the care home. He managed to fall on his first day there and was instructed to press the buzzer when he wanted to move around. He of course didn't because he didn't want to disturb the staff when they were looking after the old people. He was 92 at the time! :D :roll:
Hi Juggler
Dad fell again a day later and was taken in to hospital.
He's still in hospital awaiting some therapy but not sure what that will involve. I haven't really spoken to anyone since A and E- not much happening at the weekend. He's seen the falls team at home before but I think the hospital will look into what's causing it. He's had x rays and an injection today but he couldn't say what for.
Henrietta, please don't take this the 'wrong' way, but while your dad is in hospital, I do hope you can get a little time to yourself, while 'someone else' (the hospital) is looking after him.

Hope they find a 'not-too-bad' reason for the falls.....

Best wishes at a stressful time - Jenny
Hi Jenny
That was a nice idea but needless to say no time to put it into practice. Hospital visits, phone calls to OT/ admissions war/new ward/ Carers/D/Ns and chasing lost property- still lost and the day is gone.
Today Dad has returned home, lunch time they rang to say he was coming back this afternoon. Not entitled to any reablement because he's already used that up and has a private care package so up to me to sort it all. Will be getting a bit of help from hospital physio team for a few days.
Did they not first check the care package could be restarted?! I'm disgusted with their attitude.