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Unpaid carer

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Hi I’m an unpaid carer as I work 20 hrs aweek I look after my husband as he has terminal cancer is there such a thing as carers Id card as I would like to take him out for treat but I haven’t got the money to pay for 2 admissions is there any help out there for this
Hello Tonia

So sorry to hear such sad news.

Are you in contact with a McMillan nurse? They will have a lot of advice and leads for you.
As will the helpline here. Regarding benefits, end of life care entitlements etc.
email the helpline and ask advice@carersuk.org

Have you had care needs assessments done by your local authority social services?
Contact them and state terminal cancer. They will do a needs assessment for you both.
Have a look in the website for your council/local authority for carers and do the online form for a carers card.

Join the McMillan cancer website as well for advice in there as well.

There could be things like respite days at the local hospice and they could have activities for you for some respite if you have an active local hospice.
Lost my dad to cancer, it was very advanced and he was taken to the hospice who were fabulous with my dad and to all of us.

Please keep checking back for replies from others.
You're not alone, you are here.
Be kind to yourself, you have a lot of emotions ahead.
Hi Tonia
I have a carers recognition card provided by local carers support service. We are in Wales and not sure if this is Wales specific or available in Scotland, England and Northern Ireland,
I last week saw film at Vue cinemas. Was surprised when I asked if they had concession as don’t advertise this. They did not charge me and said carers have free entry. I was not with the person I care for at the time
Hope you are able to get something similar as will help financially .