victim of bullying and flashbacks

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my friend who I am caring for is having flashbacks from their past got bullied at school, she is finding it very difficult to cope with this.

I am not defending her but I think that's why she behaves badly, gets in moods, depressed etc

What can be done about it, she has been in mental health services but never really been dealt with.

What help is available, I have read that people can be severly damaged in adulthood from the effects of school bullying.

Sorry maybe this should be in mental health topic?
See if she will allow somebody to travel to the doctors with her as an advocate/chaperone.
Ask the doctor for a referral to psychiatrist, failing that counseling.
So long as its somebody your friend can speak to in confidence they don't feel is judging them and that she can disclose to.

Just keep encouraging her not to give up, the fact she is seeking help is an acknowledgement that there is a problem.

Try not to take the out of character behavior to heart, when we're exhausted mentally people do weird things.. and she is from the sound of it very tormented by her past, and just needs somebody to listen/guide her through it.

While your friend waits for an appointment to be sorted out.. maybe encourage them to buy a notepad/pen to write down how this is affecting their life etc.. that way if they freeze up during a consultation they (or a companion) could pass the notes over and just explain they are struggling to communicate feelings across.

We can only really speculate and even then thats generally not advice to act upon you really need medical professionals involved because mental health is a very delicate thing, personally I suspect PTSD accompanied by possibly other things because I've lived with PTSD myself and see the similarities between some of what you describe and how I was after the events triggering it.

Best wishes