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Carers' treatment by outside professionals' involvement

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Hi there. Just wondering how other Carers have been treated by the Local Authority/Adult Care Services/Social Worker/Care Agency's involvement? As I have been constantly undermined, dictated to, threatened, bullied, make to feel like my involvement doesn't count. The previous social worker constantly told me, 'It's about your Mother' in her attempts to act superior in undermining, controlling, manipulating (actually accusing me of being 'personal'/insulting her) and shutting me up. To which I responded, 'I am a human being just as you are,and have as much right as you in my Mother's care, who wants me involved'. Thankfully my Mother's Advocacy Support Worker relayed my Mother's opinion about being unhappy with this social worker preventing her returning to Day Centre, and wanting someone different involved. I have been scapegoated as causing problems by the social worker's failings to help deal with the matters constructively, ie CHC Assessments - which should have been done yearly, thus my Mother having to pay all her care fees. As well as the local authority having delayed us getting much needed Advocacy Support since the new Care Act came in. And have put in Complaints, to the extent of contacting the Local Government Ombudsman, about not just this issue which is the tip of the iceberg but lots of failings where systems are deemed more important than the very people they are designed (I thought) to help them support - including (I thought mistakenly) Carers.
Thats is sad to see as they should be there to help and support you.fortunately i havent had that experience looking after my granny and caring for granda the social worker and professionals have been so nice and always say your doing a great job giving such good support to your grandparents.think if it was negative comments would have made the job worse. Im sorry to hear of your expercience
Butterfly your not alone with this. I have had to put up with it for 31 years. There are ways of dealing with them though.
https://chuckbuttythejourney.wordpress. ... roduction/
It is extraordinary, isn't it, that the very people that SS should be grovelingly grateful to (ie, family carers!), because it's the family carers who lift the burden of care off the SS, that SS are so appalling to!

It's not surprising social workers have such a lousy reputation, and no matter how sorry one can feel for them being hideously overworked with far too large a caseload etc etc, I do think a lot of 'naturally bossy' people go into social work and have a very 'lordly' (Lady Muck!) attitude towards their 'poor benighted useless clients'.....
I would love to read some of the file notes which social services have written on their records, I imagine there are a lot of disparaging remarks about everybody.
ditto for our medical notes. I believe docs/nurses use all sorts of 'covert acronyms' to communicate to each other how 'difficult' a patient/their family is!!!

(I can't think of any off hand, but I know that in A&E, for example, the acronym BRI on the notes stands for Beer-Related-Injury.....!)(ie, drunk, and their own stupid fault.)
Colin, just make a "Subject Access Request" and they have to send you copies within 40 working days! I did this and was dismayed at what had been written about me. One SW I'd never met said I must have a mental illness, another who had never met me wrote "As soon as I saw the name I knew it meant trouble" (now we have met we she asks me to help her at county wide meetings!). When my son was sued for £10,000 by a care provider, because they hadn't properly credited LA payments to them, I appealed to them for help. One complaints officer wrote to another "Now look what she's trying to drag us into"!!!
Revenge is a dish best served cold. Some officers were made to make formal apologies to me. I always say "Information is Power" so get all the information you can. I now routinely make SAR's so I have a continual record of what they are writing - I made my most recent application 2 days ago. I know that it will be both interesting and hurtful to read the latest in my long saga. I'm already planning to report one awful SW to the registration body and want to see what she's written before I make the report.
They aren't 'overworked' very often as they 'dump' allocated cases and just don't bother to deal with their clients. They lie about their involvement in cases and most often don't carry out any legal requirements and that has especially happened to my son who is on an 117 section. I can count on my one hand the amount of times they have visited in the 10 years following his release from hospital and 95% of the time he hasn't even been allocated a worker. Two visits with the sole purpose of 'cutting my son's care in half' one arrived in high stilettos on a snowy day and the other pursed her lips with chin in the air making threats of safeguarding if I didn't co-operate with their plan.

http://www.lgo.org.uk/decisions/adult-c ... 13-001-075

and they failed to allocate any respite until 2016 and they undercut it so that's with the Ombudsman right now at decision stage.
and the other two visits made in 10 years were for a carers assessment last year which they failed to deliver.
Prior to hospital they admitted discrimination of autism and 5 years of non-support (It was actually much longer)
Social workers don't just talk down to carers they actually 'think' they own them and can make them do as they say. I wouldn't call them 'bossy' I would say abusive is more the word. They forget they are paid to do a job from the state pocket and are the worst offenders when it comes down to 'wasting funding'. I have not had one positive experience with them in 31 years of caring for my son and the belittlement shown has been atrocious both toward my son myself and other members of the family. You would think they would learn wouldn't you but no and that is why they are now heading towards a human right's case regarding their continuation of serious breaches.
I used to care for a Dr, now sadly passed on and he gave me loads of examples- wish I could remember them. :lol:

Found these

Henrietta - hilarious!! LOL in fact!!!! :)

(Loved the Positive Pumpkin!)

I know the article said they are 'not officially sanctioned' (no, really?!), but recently there was one that made a newspaper headline, with a doctor saying the problem of the current plague of Type 2 diabetes was usually caused by Walking Around Deficiency (or similar). True.....