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Carers Assessment

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I asked SS yesterday about the outcome of my carers assessment. I am primamry carer for my 20yr old son with severe learning difficulty's and very challenging behaviour among other things. Anyway I'm struggling to keep the garden under control and was hoping for a DP to hire someone on a regular basis. Anyway the paperwork hasn't been done yet but she said they may be able to get me a new bed to replace the one that he broke but that would be about it, and it's not a given that they will. I'm not sure these carers assessments are much worth the effort of answering all the very personal questions and the time it takes.
Has your son had his Needs Assessment? Presumably he contributes to the care he receives from SSD? The cost of a regular gardener can sometimes count as an "allowable expense" and be deducted from his personal contribution. If neither of you have had a benefits check recently, I would suggest you email the Carers UK helpline and they can make sure you are receiving everything you are entitled to.
When I was disabled my eldest son bullied me into doing away with all the flower beds in the garden. Really sad, as my late husband and I loved the garden we'd made from scratch, but believe me, it was the best thing we ever did. I had a wider patio built and have flower pots round the edge, but now all it takes to keep the garden really smart is a quick whizz round the lawn with the mower. I cannot recommend this idea enough, all our friends say how tidy it looks - no one ever says "Where are your lilacs, the forsythia, the camellias, etc. etc.!"
Did you know your son didn't have to pay Council Tax as he has "severe mental impairment"?
Thanks for the reply, yes, we receive all the benefits we are entitled to, it was just I was under the impression that a carers assessment could mean some help with things proving too much on top of caring duties but it seems it's more of a discretionary thing. I wouldn't have bothered with such an intrusive assessment though if it may well end up with nothing more than a file gathering dust in an office somewhere.
Have they sent you a draft copy for you to sign and approve? Was it done by a qualified social worker? (Really easy to check on the social worker's registration site).
MaryB, I know what you mean about Carers Assessments. I finally got mine done end of last year. Until yesterday, all it had entitled me to was 'budget' use facilities local authority leisure facilities (mind you at 50p rather than FIVE POUNDS NINETY :o for swim not be sniffed at....) However, I produced it (with a flourish... :P) during my visit to discuss our council tax and as a result may be exempted in my own right as a FT carer.

Once my ESA ends, it should help with applying for CA I believe.
One complication I have encountered is _ What if your caree lives in one County or borough, and you live in another County.

Who has the duty to give you the carers assessment?
I know this issue is covered by the Care Act, but can't remember what it says. The helpline would know, I'm sure.
Can't stand this carer's assessment 'lark' they aren't allocating fairly or for what's needed either. Carers are busy caring and need help with things like gardening, housework, breaks, holidays, relaxation and they should pay 'the lot' and it should be OF THE CARERS CHOICE TOO no 'budget breaks thank you' unless wanted. Enough is being saved at our expense on paying 'carers allowance' of just £62.70 a week. etc. They should give 'budget' discounts for swimming to carers based on income anyway...Social care employees get loads of high street discounts...and a 4 figure wage packet if they 'work' full-time...
What a load of old tosh carer's assessments really are...just to justify social care snooping and nosing in carers lives if you ask me...and not to 'help' carers at all by looks of it.
Carers assessments... yet another dashed hope of any help. Jokers...
I'm through with 'the beggers can't be choosers' attitude also from them...How about many of them need to take their 'stuffy' superior attitude and be grateful themselves for the 'unpaid' putting up with them...I don't... :lol: :lol: :lol:
Very frustrating. I get the impression that SS have been told to make things difficult and complicated and we will all just give up and not bother to claim.
My daughter was told as she wasn't an emergency no one would be available to assess her for several weeks. But then they know that she is living with her parents at the moment. We just hit brick walls all the time.!
Birmingham social care always 'signpost' to Birmingham carers hub for assistance under a carers assessment.
I've often wondered what they'd do if all 107,380 carers in Birmingham joined all the yoga classes each week as one of the only activities on offer to carers...


The Hub offers a wide range of services, FREE to local carers including:
Signposting to other agencies who can assist carers.

Brilliant another signpost to follow...