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Carers and the NHS - - Carers UK Forum

Carers and the NHS -

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
There are 5.4 million people in England who care for a friend or family member, and these people are a hugely important asset to the NHS. However, too often carers do not receive the recognition and support that they need and deserve from the NHS. We need to do more to help identify, support and recognise their vital roles. Helping carers to provide better care and to stay well themselves will contribute to better lives for those needing care and more effective use of NHS resources.
see in full here. - and at bottom of the page are links to several carers' stories

http://www.nhsiq.nhs.uk/improvement-pro ... arers.aspx
NICK CLEGG AKA Pinocchio has recognised some carers and will reward them with what amounts to £2-50p per week...
Yes, another high-level top down NHS initiative, another lot of 'carers champions' to be paid on cushy salaries in each health board area, lots of conferences and seminars in fancy hotels, and yet how much for Carers UK to maintain this website and the vital carers helpline? How much money to pay carers for parking fees in NHS hospitals, or bus fares to visit loved ones? How much for carers free access to dentistry or opticians? How much for replacement washing machines, level access wet room showers and stairlifts? Seen it all before, but as usual we go through the motions. The one thing I am unwilling to do is to sit in an NHS committee as the only person there who is only paid travel expenses, because I am the token carer and therefore undeserving of an honorarium or attendance fee.
Hi Scally, I once sat on a strategic planning committee. Heads of the relevant Health, Education and SSD. They must have been on at least £40,00, a few years ago now. I suggested some sort of Attendance money. They were all appalled. How could I suggest such a thing? It would take money away from the disabled children they were trying to help!
I have attended dozens of hospital appointments but never been recognised or understand as a carer, I am just the one that provides the transport and sits in the waiting room.
In my experience the NHS presume that Social Services basically do everything, maybe 5 or 10 years ago Social Services did, but services have been cut dramatically.
The Social services are only basically helping the most chronically ill, anyone else are basically left to fend for themselves.
There would have to be a lot of training for NHS staff to understand the role of unpaid carers.
Or perhaps a carers information, advice and support room in every NHS facility, hospital, gp surgery etc with staff fully trained by the local carers centre, that would help considerably.
Perhaps it would help if Every NHS staff asked about carers, are you a carer? and gave out a leaflet with details of carer services in the area.
The NHS could do a lot to help carers, the oppurtunitys are there but just not acted on.
I will only add what I always say to anyone "In Authority" i.e. Docs, Nurses, Social Staff etc.... "You cannot possibly know the impact this caring malarkey has on all involved unless you have been in it" I always just get the sympathetic look. Yes we are invaluable to all the "powers that be" because if we didn't do it they would have to step in at some point, unless of course it was too late for the caree and the inevitable accident that we help to avoid happens, but the point is they really do know this and without causing any more controversy on this subject, they actually know that the majority of us do this out of love and not duty. My life has changed without recognition since I started caring for my Dad in 2003 and now the saga continues with a Mum who has developed Dementia ...... Does Mr Cameron, Mr Clegg, Mr Milliband or indeed Mr Farage care if my mental health is suffering and indeed that of my Husband, poor man ceased to have a proper wife many years ago, but of course that was our choice and he was part of the decision so he never complains - RANT OVER xx